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Google Pixel 5 may have a settle for new Snapdragon 765 processor for the people




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Google Pixel 5 Updates: Here we are not specifically talking about Pixel, but here we are talking about the Smartphone industry that the OEM’s keeps on charging higher and higher each and every year. Now, with that little or nothing justifies the look at the new LG velvet, Nokia 8.3 and this rumoured Pixel 5 that have the Snapdragon 765 processor which is a mid-range chip while the other phones themselves costs like flagships from the Chinese brands.

Google Pixel 5 Release Date

pixel 5 by Google

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The fourth release of Pixel was giving a lot of attention and the fifth one’s announcement quickly approaches. After the Pixel 4A was announced, then, however, the rumour will move on to the Pixel 5. Not much it is explicitly known about the devise series yet, but there have been rumblings since the early January of the Google bowing out of the ‘flagship’ market.

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Back in January, some of the sources was the first to report that  3 possible Pixel code-names: Sunfish, Bramble and Redfin. These were the devices which had all 765 Snapdragon processor in them. Then that source also quickly confirmed that Sunfish is indeed the Pixel 4A. But, then that was not for the definitive evidence linking the bramble and the redfin code-names to any of the Pixel devises.

Qualcomm Chip on Google Pixel 5

Some of the sources also tell that they were not comfortable proclaiming that the Pixel 5 will be then powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 at that time just based on the code analysis, though. This is because there was still only one piece of evidence which was linking ‘Bramble’ and Redfin as well to the new Snapdragon 765 processor for the people.

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Then in the Android 11 Developer Preview 4, the XDA Senior member cstark27 then discovered that the EUICCGoogle APK was updated with a very new reference to Google’s upcoming new devices. This was a good thing for the Pixel fans.

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