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Google Pixel 4a launch date, Price, features, specification, Offers and more

The Google Pixel 4a is beginning to look like the Pixel 4 device you might actually desire, and possibly even one of the best affordable phones of this year.

Google surprised everybody in 2019 by releasing the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, cheap versions of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL that brought a number of the hardware and applications of their top apparatus, but offered them in a more attractive price tag.

Google Pixel 4a launch date

Google Pixel 4a Launch Date, Cast, Plot

It looks like Google will follow a similar approach in 2020 with the Pixel 4a and 4a XL presenting a few of the features in the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in a more affordable body.

Leaks have started flowing in since the beginning of 2020, so it resembles a budget Google Pixel 4a might be coming at some point – although perhaps it’ll come with no XL sibling.

4 XL and the Pixel 4 were very popular devices, but didn’t land with quite the fanfare of the 3 handsets so the phones could be the opportunity to win back buyers of Google.

Google Pixel 4a Features


Here we’ve put together everything we know up to now about the phones containing the very first pictures of the handsets and also details on when to expect it.

Latest narrative: Google IO – the occasion where we expected to observe these phones introduced – has been cancelled as a result of coronavirus. You can Learn More about it from the release date segment below:

Cut to the chase – Price Revealed


What can it be? An inexpensive version of the Pixel 4 smartphone
When is it outside? Likely May 2020
Just how much will it cost? Around $399 / #399 / AU$649
Google Pixel cost and launch date

Originally, we’d expected to watch Google introduce its next cheap devices at Google IO 2020 but that event has been cancelled because of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

That event was anticipated to be taking place between May 12-14, and the company would proceed with the event but also make it an online gathering. We may see Pixel 4a XL and the Google Pixel 4a for the first time there, if that’s the case.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL in IO

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Google introduced the Pixel 3a and 3a XL in IO 2019 on May 8 year therefore that it would make sense for the company to introduce these newer handsets a year after.

The Pixel 3a cost $399 / #399 / AU$649 at launch, although the Pixel 3a XL cost $479 / #469 / AU$799. In terms of how much you will pay, the Google Pixel 4a price could actually be lower compared to the Pixel cost that is 3a.

We say that since the Pixel 4 price less than the Pixel 3 (when directly comparing release prices), and we can see that routine repeat here. The above is all guess work in terms of pricing but after we hear anything concrete we’ll be sure to share it .

Google Pixel leaks and 4a news


We are going to start with a rumor that might disappoint some of you: note is that Google may not put out a Pixel 4a XL, just focusing on the smaller device.

Apparently that is so individuals searching for a phone that is larger stick with the Pixel 4 XL, as the Pixel 3a XL stole sales from the Pixel 3 XL.

While that rumor is apparently backed up by the relative absence of Pixel 4a XL rumors, we’ve heard there might be three Pixel 4a devices, including a 5G model.

This comes from Android code that refers to three different devices, though they aren’t named as such, presumably comprising a main device as well as an XL and 5G telephone.

Those devices have appeared again in following Google code, and now two of them were together with the phrase’pixel_20_mid_range’, all but confirming that they’re unannounced mid-range Pixel phones, though the source speculates that the code title may refer to a circuit board rather than a device.

Pixel 4a XL Look and Design

Pixel 4a XL Look and Design

Therefore, we’d say there will be a Pixel 4a XL, but either way there is almost definitely likely to be a Pixel 4a. What will the base Pixel 4a look like? We believe it will be similar to the Pixel’s below, which we don’t believe are hands on shots from the telephone and are doctored image.

We’ve left these pictures here however as they reveal what sources think the device may look like. It may have a selfie camera in the top left.


Some unofficial renders of the device in addition to a leaked instance render show a similar design to the imitation photos above too, and it is probably these were in which the layout was removed.

We’re unsure on the camera spec to expect about the Pixel 4a. This escape suggests although the Pixel 4 had two cameras around the rear, so we’d anticipated the Pixel 4a to follow suit.

What we want to find in the Google Pixel 4a

Even the Google Pixel 4 was an advanced flagship feature, but when it comes to adapting this attribute to a budget price , there are a few things we’d like it to consider. Here Is What We Would like to see:

1. Bring back the fingerprint scanner

fingerprint scanner

The Google Pixel 4 includes no rear-mounted fingerprint scanner like the Pixel 3, not does it have an in-screen one like many premium smartphones around. It relies on recognition unlocking to get your cell phone.

2. Improved battery life

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Battery Life Impressions - Barely ...

A difficulty with Google Pixel tablets is their battery lives leave a great deal plummet faster, and to be desired. Saying that, this problem was solved by the Pixel 3a with a capacity.

3. Reduce the 90Hz display

google Pixel 4a - Reduce the 90Hz display
While some people love 90Hz screens in phones like the Pixel 4, even since it makes the viewing experience a little smoother, many more individuals struggle to observe the difference, especially individuals that aren’t huge tech fans who don’t understand the attribute is in place.

4. Maintain the telephoto camera

Google-camera-Pixel-4-XL-2- Maintain the telephoto camera
The Google Pixel 4 smartphones bumped the amount of cameras Google’s apparatus from one or two, adding a telephoto snapper for optical zoom.

The Pixel 3a apparatus saw the cameras slightly downgraded in the Pixel 3 lineup, but that has been only concerning software post-processing, and the hardware was exactly the same.

A lens in a camera is useful, so it is possible to take pictures of a subject without falling the quality radically, and we’d really like to see it stored from the Pixel 4a. We’d be surprised if this was not the situation, since the telephoto lens really ties the design together. And talking of Pixel 4a layout…

5. Stick with the design that is bizarre

Stick with the design that is bizarre

Even the Google Pixel 4 smartphones are weird looking devices, there’s no getting around that. They’re bare on the trunk except for a fairly sizeable camera bump (no fingerprint detector ( such as in prior Pixels), with a glass rear but a rubberized frame round the borders. Yep, you read that right, rubber at a smartphone!

On the front, there’s a topnotch the likes of which you see in smartphones that are modern, using a chin in the base of the screen. All in all, the Pixel 4 devices are far from’standard’ phones, for worse or better.

Well, we sort of like the design. It is unique, if you are using it and also the Pixel 4 feels different in hand. We’d love to see the Pixel 4a keep the’bizarre’ layout, especially the rubber framework, as we discovered it great for protecting the telephone.




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