Good Omens Season 2 On Prime Videos? Cast, Release Date Plot and Latest updates


The novel adaptations of Terry Pracht and Neil Gaiman may be similar, but the team is keeping its options open.

Like the Terry Pracht and Neil Gaiman novels it is based on the Amazon and the BBC’s Good Omens – who follow an angel and a demon as they try to escape Armageddon on Earth – tells a very underlying story, which The sixth episode ends with and especially not the setting of any future series.


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Gaiman himself is not in denial of another series of apocalypse series, even though there are no immediate plans to continue the story, which he started in 1990 with his late co-writer Pracht.

On the set of the TV adaptation in 2017, Terry and I also wrote the sequel to Good Omens, which we never did.

So yes, this may not be the end of Michael Sheen’s Azirafel and David Tennent’s Crowley – and, at the very least, he’s open to making a comeback.

The Welsh actor told us, “It depends on whether there is another story.” Still, don’t start making plans right now for the party to be a good season.

Gaiman also clarified that he approached the series as a standalone drama – and, at this time, any of the following ideas were just that ideas.

When will season 2 air?

Therefore, there is no data regarding the date of the program download. However, we can accept that it is likely to reach next year. In any case, after that mess, Good Omens Season 2 returns to Amazon Prime separately.

When will the good omen come on BBC2?

Good Omens debuted on BBC Two on Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 9:00 pm. Good Omens consists of six hours of episodes, which will air weekly on the BBC.

Good omens season 2 cast :

David Tennant and Michael Sheen, as the protagonists, are many other famous faces of the series. John Hamm, best known for his role as Don Draper in Mad Man, played the role of Archangel Gabriel. 

The Radio Times also reported: “Derek Jacobi would naturally interpret the voice of God – Metatron.” To the biggest surprise in history, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was revealed as the voice of the devil on 13 February.

We also know that the show will move from one side to another between the past and the present, so Reece Shearsmith as Shakespeare will be included.