Good Omens: Are Crowley and Aziraphale in a romantic relationship? Here are 5 signs to lift the curtain from the hidden


Good omens are about to end on BBC Two. Fans of the show loved watching Crowley and Aziraphale together. But there is something that can be missed from your eyes. Theories say that the duo has a much deeper relationship than we think.

Originally aired on Amazon Prime, the show is based on a novel of the same name. It is of Terry Pratchett.

Recently the show started streaming on BBC Two which has created chaos between the fans. It raised a point that there could be a romantic peg between Crowley and Aziraphale.

So, Let’s go in-depth and try to find out if the rumors are true.

1. Crowley calls them ‘Godfathers’

Starting from the very beginning of the series we saw a discussion between drunk Crowley and Aziraphale. It was in the first episode of the series when they talk about the Antichrist.

In the show, their job is to stop the world to end which suggests the jointly raise Satan’s child together. This bizarre idea is elaborated by Crowley as godfathers to the baby boy. It is to keep in check that he always uses the plural term which suggests that he describes them as a couple. Maybe he is hinting at a possible romantic relationship.

2. Crowley’s grief when Aziraphale leaves

You remember the fifth episode of the series where in the middle of the library Aziraphale evaporates into the air.

As Aziraphale disappears the world turns upside down for Crowley. Aziraphale’s book shop is set on fire and the flames coming from his store make Crowley fiddle-footed. Shouting, crying and desperately looking for his friend, Crowley run in.

The angel screams: “Somebody killed my best friend”.

He is genuinely sad to see Aziraphale disappear. Or putting, in other words, it seems that he cannot cope without him around.

3. The body swap

The climax of the series has raised many fingers on the relation between the duo. At the end of the series, we observe that the pair managed to swap bodies to inherit each other’s powers.

The swapping of the body come with new powers for both. Crowley had a Punishment that he can’t walk into flames. This punishment is given to him for disobeying his colleagues in Heaven. But after swapping in Aziraphale’s body he did not combust.

The same thing can be seen in the case of Aziraphale. He had a punishment for disobeying others in Hell. But as he swaps the body with Crowley’s body it allows him to bathe in holy water without burning. This presents a clear image of a special bond between the two male characters.

4. Their afternoon teas

throughout the series there is one common thing and that is lunch at the Ritz.

These two characters enjoy nothing more than this. They are being captured there a lot of time throughout the series.

The little gesture of Crowley offering to buy lunch for Aziraphale raised eyebrows of everyone. For some, it is none other than a date as they look away too much happy while eating and drinking together at their favorite place.

5. Crowley is called Aziraphale’s “boyfriend”

Last but not the least, the scene of episode four. Yes, this scene has created most of the doubt for the fans. There is a particular scene in which Aziraphale seems troubled in Heaven with his colleagues.

Other angels of heaven find out there secret. The secret is angle Aziraphale is meeting to demon Crowley which should be strictly forbidden.

This scene brings us to his book shop where he was picked up by a group of angels. They say to him: “Don’t think your boyfriend in the dark glasses will get you special treatment in Hell.” Here the dark glasses are used for Crowley as he wears glasses all the time.

Here is what we come to know about the relation between Aziraphale and Crowley. What do you think about their relationship? Leave your views in the comment sections.

Good Omens is available to watch on BBC iPlayer


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