Good Morning Call Season 3: Is it Confirmed?


While many manga series turned into anime there are few of them which feature as the TV Series. Good Morning Call is one such TV Show that was adapted from the manga series and turned out to be great. The manga was written by Yue Takasuka. It shows people of all generations. As the manga series was published during the 90s, the live show adaptation was put forward in 2016. Through these years, the number of fans of manga have significantly increased massively. Now as the two seasons are already premiered on the Screen, fans are looking forward to Good Morning Call Season 3.

Following the story of Nao Yoshikawa, who is the main protagonist of the series and has recently moved to her 2DK flat. The whole story is set in Tokyo, where the main protagonist is formulating his teenage life. The story is set in the teenager’s life because this is something that is on the demand. Lately, rom-com and teenager’s based stories are more popular among people. 


Firstly, Good Morning Call premiered on Fuji TV in Japan. Later, the Live-action series was aired on Netflix and it gained a massive population of a worldwide audience. Centering around the main lead and their life, the series broadcasts the story of these teenagers and their early and later relationship with each other. 

After the first season aired in 2016, the series started to get more audience which ultimately led the series to make the second season. Currently, the audience has already watched the two seasons and there is a huge demand for the second season. Now, in this article, we’ll be talking about Good Morning Call Season 3 and all the things related to it. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming events of the show, 

Good Morning Call: What is it about?

Good Morning Call Season 3 updates

Based on the Japanese Manga series, The Good Morning call was initially dated back in the 90s. The manga was published between 1997-2002. It took Fuji TV more than a decade to adapt the manga and convert it into a TV series. As produced by Fuji TV, the series initially premiered on the same channel in Japan. Later the popularity rose and the show was licensed to Netflix

Nao Yoshikawa, a teenage girl who tends to follow her heart and believes in an easy lifestyle. She was an extremely carefree person and this personality was something that the students used to adore a lot. As she came to Tokyo and rented a 2DK apartment in order to pursue her schooling but due to a slight accident, she ultimately got to rent with Hisashi Uehara. Hisashi Uehara is the handsome hunk of the school and the story starts with their unusual love triangle. 

As the manga was such an old artwork, published back in 2 decades earlier, the TV adaption came out pretty late. But after the release of the first season, it took less than a year for the studio to broadcast the second season. As the renewal came out so early, the fans were vulnerable to hear about the third season. So far, there are no updates regarding the Good Morning call Season 3. 

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Good Morning Call Season 3: Is it Happening?

Good Morning Call Season 3

At the time of writing, there have been no updates regarding the third season of the live-action TV series. Following the story of Nao and Hisashi and their hectic college life, the ending of the second season turned out a little off-boarded. As the story is left on a cliffhanger, there has been speculation regarding the upcoming events of the series. 

The officials have also released an OVA movie that follows the story of these teenagers. However, it never showed what happens in the end and in college life. A report suggests that Good Morning Call Season 3 is officially in talks.

But there is no official confirmation that would make us believe in the future of the series. Neither Netflix nor Fuji Tv has announced anything about the third season. It’s been 4 years since the show officially ended. The finale episode was great but still leaves a lot of threads that make the story unclear. 

At this time, we are not expecting a cancellation. However, the confirmation is also not brought forward by any company. The fans are confirmed for the future of the TV series. There is never a NO in the Japanese entertainment world. Keeping positivity in mind I feel that Good Morning Call Season 3 is likely to happen.

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Good Morning Call Season 3: When is it going to Premiere?

The first season premiered in 2016 and later the second season was aired in 2017. After the second season ended, the studio never announced anything regarding the second season of the series. 

It’s been such a long journey for the TV series and the fans have kept hoping for the third season. Considering the time, there is no exact release date mentioned by the officials. The future of Good Morning Call still looks bright enough to get another season. 

If everything goes fine and the rumors are true then the series will release super soon. Netflix might renew the show and will release the series in 2023 or 2024. 

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Is there any Official Trailer?

Despite the popularity of the show, there is no official trailer for the series itself. We recommend you to wait for the officials and till then, you can watch the official trailer for the third season.