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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6: 5 Big Takeaways and Promo




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Good Girls Season 3, Episode 6 brings us almost to the stage. You have to get better from here, right? Here are the promo and synopsis takeaways.

As we hit the halfway point of Good Girls Season 3, matters need to begin getting better, do not they?

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It does not seem like that according to the voucher and synopsis for Good Girls Season 3, Episode 6. It’s time for our weekly breakdown of those.

Let us be honest; things will get a whole lot worse before they get better. And it looks like the girls are digging their graves. Literally!

What does Rio have in store for them?

Before we get into the breakdown, here’s a quick look at the incident’s promo and synopsis. So they may be a little spoiler to get a few Next, we’re getting into the details.

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A guilty Beth convinces the women to go to lengths to keep Max out of the way of harm. Meanwhile, Annie attempts to process her injury without the help of Dr. Cohen and Ruby considers sabotaging work opportunity that comes up for Stan.

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5. Annie could be getting a storyline

Annie hasn’t had many storylines for herself on Good Girls. They’ve always involved some type of guy, while it’s her ex or it’s among the latest men she’s sleeping with.

She’s a character that is deep if we are permitted to get to know her. It looks like that is eventually going to happen on Good Girls Season 3, Episode 6.

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4. Max isn’t giving up looking for Lucy

After just being mentioned up to that point, lucy’s boyfriend, Max, was released. He knows something has occurred to Lucy.

While the cops say it’s too early to start searching for her, then her routines are known by him. She must have been home. If he doesn’t stop appearing he is going to get himself in trouble.

3. Ruby and Stan may be pulled farther apart

Ruby and the marriage of Stan has continually been put to the test. They have been constant. That’s all shifting in Good Girls Season 3, revealing how deep into a life of crime Ruby is getting.

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Now she’s considering sabotaging work offer. There has to be a good reason for this? Is it something to do with Rio?

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2. The girls are fearful of Rio, and he knows it

In the voucher for Good Girls Season 3, Episode 6, the women sit in the car talking about the way Rio is going to kill them. We all would be scared in their position, but it’s Rio’s smug smile.

He knows they’re scared. They’ll do anything to stay alive, and he has a few jobs for them.

1. The women are going grave digging

Among the tasks will be digging. Are they digging their graves? Is this? What is from the graveyard? You just know that this is.

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