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Godzilla VS Kong: Update Plot, Trailer, And Every Other Detail

Godzilla VS Kong: Updates, An image teaser has been released of the upcoming movie, “Godzilla Vs Kong”. Fans have been waiting for this movie for a long time now. Godzilla Vs Kong is the upcoming movie in the franchise of the titan beasts. The movie is as legendary as the name sounds. An image has been released showing the faceoff between Godzilla and Kong. Check out the article to know more!

All About “Godzilla Vs Kong”:

Godzilla vs kong

Initially, the movie was supposed to be released in November 2020. Though, due to the current situation of the pandemic, the release has been delayed. It is now anticipated that Godzilla Vs Kong will be coming in May 2021. Although, nothing could be said for sure. Because the makers of the movie have not made any official statements about the movie in the press.

Godzilla Vs Kong is also releasing their toys. And the gigantic picture of these two titan beasts is at the back of the toys. In the upcoming movie, Godzilla and Kong will be meeting after 1962 and they will be revealing the darkest secrets of Earth.

The Plot Of “Godzilla Vs Kong”:

Possibly, in the plot of the movie, Godzilla and Kong will reveal few secrets of Earth. It is said that there are a lot of holes in the Earth surfaces. This suggests that many monsters will be living underneath the holes. It is anticipated that a few hidden beasts will also surface in the upcoming movie.

The trailer of Godzilla Vs Kong is not yet out on the Internet. We will update you as soon as we get the information.

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