Godzilla 2: Expected Release Date, And Every Other Detail Fans Should Know


Godzilla 2: Updates, Post-credits scenes have always played a crucial part in teasing the next plans of that particular movie series. Whether it’s the Marvel Avengers series or the famous Godzilla series, post-credits created severe hype in between their audience. One such post-credits scenes of ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ which aren’t sadly filmed are being revealed by the director on Instagram.

That movie already showed us a post-credit scene of 7 minutes. That scene was also a crucial addition as it set the stage ready for The future of the MonsterVerse. But the director of Godzilla 2 revealed a rough look of another post-credit scene that wasn’t added to the film. Director Michael Dougherty posted script pages and storylines of that scene. You check it out here:

Though these looks are raw, you can see that these scenes would have thrown light on Ilene and Ling Chen as the Mothra Twins. As you know, this is a vital part of mythology by a giant insect from the original Toho Movies and also these are the Mothra fairies according to the MonsterVerse.

Moreover, we have already seen the last year’s statements from Michael about this second post-credit scene, that Chen is going to meet Lin in a restaurant in Tokyo. But later it turns out to be an ancient temple underground that normal bar or restaurant. Then they meet with the second Mothra egg which was already inside that room.

Updates On Release Date Of Godzilla VS Kong

Director Of Godzilla 2

As we all know how the Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the whole world. It has packed around the whole world like a stubborn, huge, black, ugly shadow, which will not lift easily. Even now, most of the countries are fighting with this deadly disease.

Due to stay-at-home conditions, productions and filming of various movies and TV shows have delayed or canceled. Sadly, It seems like Godzilla vs. Kong has also faced a slight delay in its release date.

Now, the release date has been set to May 21, 2020. Let’s hope this movie doesn’t face any further delay. In the meantime, we will provide regular updates on this movie,

so stay safe and connected with Honk News.


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