God of War: Theory Will Kratos Finally Die in God of War 5

God of War 5

From the 2018’s God Of War 5, the game provided several clues to their players and fans that how Kratos may die in the future installments, and it appears that his son, Atreus will have a part in it.

The very ending of the 2018’s God Of War seemed to imply that the death of Kratos is looming, and the game gave some very strong points or hints as to how this may play out in the future installments in the long-running game series.

If these hints are any kind of evidence, the Kratos’ son may have a direct or indirect role in Kratos’ death.

God Of War 5 game revolves around the adventures of the lead character Kratos and his young son as they both travel to the highest peak in all of the nine realms to spread the ashes of Faye, the wife of Kratos.

The father and his son are both unsure why she chose the highest peak as the place for both of them to honor her, but once they both reach their final destination of Jotunheim, everything falls into their place.

God of War 5

Upon reaching the last realm of the mystical giants at the very end of the God Of War’s story, the father and the son due are greeted by a variety of murals that tell tales of the past and the present.

The murals then at the end of God Of War make a variety of startling revelations, but very interestingly, they all seem to foreshadow Kratos’ impending death.

The game seemed to have heavily implied that Atreus’ son of Kratos may have a hand in Kratos’ death, especially since the theme of a son killing his father is recurrent in the game.

For one, Kratos struggles a lot throughout the story campaign over to tell his son he killed his father Zeus, let alone his first wife and child.



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