Girls Of Netflix ‘The Baby Sitter’s Club’ Are Much More Grown-Up Than Their Novel Counterparts

Baby Sitters Club

Then a brand new Netflix show premiering Friday adapts ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ novels for the 2020 and this time, the show’s seventh-grader heroines are much more grown-up.

‘Having mobile phones and internet access, we all have been pushed into the real world a little bit earlier than some of the people may have been growing up in the ’80s or even in the early 2000s’, the 14-year-old Shay Rudolph revealed.


She also later added that ‘You can also get exposed to so much more amazing information about activism and you can also form your own beliefs and also interests a lot faster’.

Now being bombarded with so much information on social media at such a very young age has its pluses and minuses. She said ‘It is draining sometimes.

Baby Sitters Club

‘You are constantly hit by the information and everything feels like you cannot just turn it off’. The core values of the beloved franchise which was launched in the year 1986 are still there though.

And so is the see-through landline phones that mothers and fathers use to call 555-3231 three times a week, which was purchased on Etsy by Claudia.

Across many of the ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ novels, 36, of which was written by creator Ann M. Martin, it was a thirteen episodes series or show on HBO in 1990 and it was also a box office film flop in the year 1955, the franchise also represented joy, friendship, and some childhood memories. As the club grew, so too did the girls working there, some adventures, misadventures, and friendships also grew.

This show has kept most of its traits from the very original show, so they are very easy to keep track of and are relatable to almost everyone.