We all know the supermodel and girlfriend of the famous singer Zayn Malik it is Gigi Hadid. She is more usually seen partying with her friends and family and also with her celebrity pals or even prowling designer catwalks. But the model Gigi Hadid is also an ambassador for UNICEF, and she has been quite busy visiting the facilities for the women and children in Senegal, which is located in West Africa these past few days. And while her sister Bella Hadid was soaking up the sun in St Barts, the twenty-four-year-old model was also seen at the youth center in Kolda, on Tuesday.

Gigi Hadid



Gigi Hadid rolled up the sleeves of her blue and white striped blouse, and she put her blonde hair up into a tight bun, and she sat on the ground in her Khaki pants to talk to the women there. She even posted something in the social media saying that what she had done and how she felt communicating or interacting with the women there. She felt very good doing the job, and she felt like she was doing it from her own heart and very proudly.

She also said that the girls with whom she met and interacted were very much inspiring; she also mentioned that they just wanted some good tools to succeed. She also mentioned that they needed so many things, and some of them were doctors, lawyers, agriculture, and engineers, and journalists. She saw in their eyes that they were so much inspiring, and there were more youth that could be a good example.

The celebrity was also seen dropping into a facility that works on small childbirth registration vaccination, disease prevention, protection, free medical consultation for children under the age of five years.
She is also good at her job and social works, too; she is something that the world needs.