Gigi Hadid Packs Her NYC APartment after patch-Up News With Zyan Malik


Gigi Hadid packs up her apartment in NYC during the patch up rumors with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik. The model bought the two-bed apartment for a big $4 million in 2016.

She was captured along with her mother Yolanda, packing up her belongings at Bond Street. Gigi posted a picture of her mother on Instagram. She captioned the picture, “This sparks joy. Marie Kondo-ing. Moving out soon. @thombrowneny everything my mom brings out and says, ‘This is gorgeous,’ is yours.” The step comes in after the fashion icon’s rumors bout reconciliation with former boyfriend and singer Zayn Malik.


Gigi Hadid

Gigi and Zayn were official in late 2015 as they did a lot of projects together after that. The duo also appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine for August 2017 together. Gigi also made a cameo in the singer’s music video for Pillowtalk. The couple broke up in March 2018 and got back together two months later.

They again parted ways in November 2018. According to a source, there was recently a comment made on at the Television program, Entertainment Tonight that he two have continued to talk and support one another since their breakup. However, they’re not dating or talking like before and are just friends. This made the fans of this relationship melt and crave for a relationship that Zayn and Gigi have.