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GF Akanksha Puri coping with hate messages Paras Chabra’s

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra was making the headlines because of his statements.
The Splitsvilla actress had divulged to Arhaan Khan because she forced him to do so, he obtained his girlfriend’s name.
Akanksha Puri has been coping with hate messages since Paras has made this statement in the show.
Not just Akanksha, Paras’ mother is hurt along with his remarks. After Times Of India got in contact with the celebrity and asked her concerning the BB contestant’s’forced tattoo’ remark, she stated, “I have been getting a lot of unwanted messages and people are calling me to pile on and all sh**.
I’ve kept quiet Since I needed to maintain this relationship. But what all Paras said has hurt me and has affected me.
We had our shares of ups and downs and have shared but we have stood for each other.
However, today things are moving somewhat out of hand following what Paras said about the tattoo and how miserable he is in this relationship”Additionally, Puri also disclosed that she thinks it can be his game place to make his own relations appear real within the house.
She said that she had been prepared for him and that rather game playing with but she was always clear about something she must be kept by him.
She said she why is saying these things and doesn’t know what wrong with him. Additionally, the celebrity disclosed their WhatApp discussions before he entered the house.
Puri explained, “He makes me look so weak and a heap on. I’m a person. I am staying away from the house since also a strong woman and years. I truly don’t understand what is in mind. I am able to wait for him to come out and talk.
However, based on my calculations, I believe he wants to provide a different picture of our link to ensure his connections inside seem real.” Puri went to show that Chhabra’s mother is upset with his bills.
She’s very close to Paras’ mom and they share a unique bond. “She is quite upset about how Paras she used her name. She’s mad because she can’t hear anything and loves me a great deal. I’m fortunate to have her help from my side,” she disclosed to the significant portal website.
Akanksha had talked to SpotboyE too and had stated, “He had given me a surprise. I was never forced by me. Enough is enough. He’s been disrespectful to me.
When he exits Bigg Boss 13, he’ll need to stay’Sorry’ to me- although not before he has a conversation with me. I have a lot to ask him.”
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