Geordie Shore Renewed For Season 22?| Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

Updated On -27-01-2022


Reality television shows are getting more and more popular because who doesn’t love watching fights in other people’s homes? Haha lol but yeah! People are getting more and more into these unscripted shows lately and you are too. Geordie Shore is one of the famous British reality shows which has been running for more than 10 years. The show has 21 seasons released in the last 10 years and people are getting constantly entertained by this show. 


There are many TV reality shows similar to Geordie Shore around the world and every show is popular among the country and people. You are a fan, RIGHT? In this article, we will be telling you everything that has been released and out by the officials about Geordie Shore so far. 

What do I need to know about Geordie Shore?

Geordie Shore

A British Television series that was first released in the year 2011 for the audience. During that time, reality shows were at the beginning of their popularity. During the same year, popular TV networks like MTV have adopted this scheme of attracting more viewers. 

The show is mainly based on the theme that a house will have some constant who lived in the house. The number of contestants in the show is 8-12 people. They lived their normal life in the Geordie Shore house. The show also reveals some sexual content that isn’t appropriate for the kids. 

Not only this but the show was also criticized by many people but according to the people of Britain, it is okay for an adult to have this life there. People also enjoyed watching this show. That’s how the show has accomplished 21 seasons so far.

Furthermore, the format of Geordie Shore has been the same since the release of the first episode till season 21 and if you think that people will get bored with this then you are wrong. Every season different contestants have welcomed in Geordie Shore’s home. Every year people watch this reality show with the same excitement.

Why there is No more Geordie Shore after 2020?

Geordie Shore Renewed For Season 22

There are 21 seasons of Geordie Shore running from 2011. Every year, the Geordie Shore show releases two seasons which consist of an average of 10 episodes. The number of episodes can be ranged from 6 to 12 respectively. You can understand this divergence according to the hype and popularity of that particular season. 

Moreover. The show has a tradition of releasing 2 seasons every year but in the year 2020, there was only one season of  Geordie Shore which is season 21. The audience was scared to not have another season of this reality show and there was an online flood regarding this question. 

The official cleared this by saying that the show has temporarily shut down another season because of the gimbal pandemic and they want to take all the safety measures for their cast and contestant. As Geordie Shore involved the contestant to go out in public and have parties in the club.

The show also involves the involvement of more than 7 people which is breaking the social distancing measures. That’s why the creators thought to suspend another season of  Geordie Shore for the audience. 

Will there be season 22 of Geordie Shore?

The fans are demanding for season 22 but there is nothing officially released. There is no confirmed news about season 22 so far and if there has been any season 22, it would have been released by now. 

But there is also the pandemic going on in 2020 and the whole lockdown scene was not the right environment to make this show. The covid crisis is still going on in Britain and the officials still have words to say. 

The fans are waiting and asking for another season on social media. As there is no official statement about this show so far. I will keep an eye on the activities and inform you as soon as anything is released. 

Tonights. tv reports that MTV has yet to formally renew Geordie Shore for a 22nd season. As of January 2022, no release date for the new season has been set. This does not necessarily imply that the series has been cancelled. The show may be on hiatus at the moment, and the show’s next season has not yet been announced or scheduled.

The Holly Hegan controversy 

Geordie Shore controversy

This year, there was a huge controversy that arose after the show star Holly Hegan replied to one of the questions during a Q&A Challenge on Instagram. What happened was, a fan asked holly, “Do you ever get in trouble for exposing negatives of the producers, etc on Geordie Shore

To which she replied, 

Funny you say that as the OGs producers just called me with the concerns about my posts about  Geordie yesterday *nervous laughing emoji*.

They wanted to let me know there’s someone there I can speak to if I need it which is nice. However, I do sometimes panic about sharing my stories but this is my truth. I make it very clear times have changed and the treatment now is different but what happened to me happened. I won’t hide that. And for me, sharing stories hopefully makes them actively want to do and be better. We all make mistakes and time change”.

Now, as everything is settled between these two parties, the fans of Holly still cared about all the things that had happened before. 

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What are the ratings of this show?

The show failed to make a great rating by the critics in all the categories but the audience loved this show. The IMDb rating of Geordie Shore is only 5.2/10 whereas has rated this show with 6.9/10 ratings. 

Moreover, the audience was very happy with all the drama and thrillers going around the show. The show also develops some romantic moments between the couples and that’s what is the most entertaining about this reality show. Several people also demanded that they shouldn’t change the cast at all and should focus more on their internal relationship. 

Final words

Geordie Shore was first released in 2011 and after that, the show has just grown in popularity and views and also seasons. Till now, there have been 21 seasons which are enough to justify the popularity of a show. The show ended in 2011 and after that, there is no proof whether it will be back for the audience or not. The release date of season 22 is not set and the officials have also not commented about the continuation of the show so far. The show is a good reality show who has been able to win the interest of the people after 10 years. Now, it’s time to see whether the show will be back for season 22 or not. 

What do you think? Are there any chances of Season 22? Comment down to us.

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