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Games of the Decade: What Remains Of Edith Finch gameplay is about ending well

Giant Sparrow development, What Remains of Edith Finch, came out in 2017 for Xbox One, Microsoft, and PlayStation. In 2019, it came out on Nintendo. Annapurna Interactive published it.

The game revolves around Edith Finch, the last one surviving in the line. Her family was under a curse, and each member died in a unique, unusual way. Edith returns home after the death of her mother, Dawn. She explores the house that her family abandoned hastily.

Players act as Edith in the game. They go around the house and explore each room. Edith discovers how her family and how they died. Their offices are sealed off and considered as a shrine to them.

Their deaths play out as short gameplay. Edith’s narration goes on in the background, and the game plays out the miniseries of the experiences of the family members.

The family members had a fantasy about how they will die. Maybe that is what the curse is about to dream about how they will die.
Molly imagined that she was the monster under her bed and had a hunger for her.

Milton paints an arrow going right through his body.
The sad part about the whole game is Edith’s Mother, who tried to lock all the family members in the house so that the curse would not spread. Opening up the home releases the evil into the broad daylight.

He game was critically acclaimed. Critics said that the game is an art form. Its story and presentation have been praised a lot. At Games Developers Choice Awards, 2018, and The Games Awards 2017, What Remains of Edith Finch received awards for Best Narrative Category.

In 2017, it received two British Academy Games Award for Best Game.

Even though the game has received many accolades, many players did not like how the game played out. They thought that if the players had given some control over what happens, then it would have been more fun.

What these players don’t understand is that there is nowhere else to go. The game is telling the players a story. And whatever they do will end up with the same consequence. The game is fantastic and delivers what it offered.

Cindy Johnson
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