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Games of the Decade: Mass Effect 2 gave me characters action game I will cherish forever




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BioWare developed a game; Mass Effect 2 which is a sequel to Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 is a role-playing action game.

Electronic Arts published it. The game takes place in the 22nd century in the Milky Way galaxy when insectoid species decide to attack humanity.

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The game came out on Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in 2010, and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

Players will play the role of the protagonist, Commander Shepherd. Commander Shepherd brings diverse human soldiers together to go on a suicide mission to stop the attack.

For the combat, the players can have two members from their squad to accompany them on the battlefield. Since the game is a single-player, the members are controlled by artificial intelligence. The game has over the shoulder angle for the players.

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Shields, armors, etc. protect both the protagonist and the enemies. Enemies protection and armors have their weaknesses, and the players have to make their move accordingly. The squad is also protected by a shield, upon its depletion a health shield is activated.

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The shields are revived if they are not taking a hit.
Jack Wall composed music for both the games, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. He aimed for delivering a dark and mature sound to the game, and he succeeded.

The game comes with downloadable content and ranges from single-player to new and different sets of the mission.
Mass Effect 2 was a success. It received critical acclaim from video game publications. It was rated 96 out of 100 on Xbox 360.

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It also received a lot of awards like Game of the Year, Best Game, Television Art Award. Its sequel Mass Effect 3 was released later in 2012.

Mass Effect 2 is still considered a great game, and it remains a great game over time.

All love the characters. It is claimed to be one of the best space role-playing games of the decade. The intro of the game is also fantastic.

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It gives the player a very clear what will come their way and how they should be prepared for it.

The characters grow on the players, and they fill up the sci-fi world with a familiarity and a life of its own.

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