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Games of the Decade: Action Game Dark Souls is the cold at the heart of everything

From Software developed a game, Dark Souls, which is a role-playing action game. Namco Bandai Games published it. Dark Souls is a sequel of Demon’s Soul, released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It released in September 2011.

Dark Souls takes place in Lordan, a fictional kingdom. The players play an undead character who embarks on a journey to know the fate of its kind. It was a game critically acclaimed and greatest of the time.

Critics and players applauded the intricate battle scene, the levels, and world lore. The difficulty level was judged in different ways. Some liked the difficulty level of the game, and some said that it was unnecessarily complicated.

The original Windows version had a lot of technical errors. Thus, in August 2012, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition was released on Microsoft Windows.

Over two million copies were sold in 2013. Following the success of Dark Souls, the next sequel was released in 2014 and another in 2016.

Dark Souls: Remastered came out in 2018. It was available on various platforms.

When asked the players, what they remember about Dark Souls, they answer that it was as dark as its name and it was cold. Everything gave chills.

It is hard to forget the scenarios. The beginning of the game was bright. There was the sound of the bonfire at the beginning of the game was strange.

After a point in the game, the bonfires do not remain the same thing that gives you warmth and makes you feel safe. They become the chilliest element.

The combats require stamina because it is merciless. Players found a lot of ambushed and last-minute changes. There is a wide range of bosses, and they range from balletic knights to behemoths.

There are traps at every corner. A veteran of the game would know to be suspicious of a treasure chest that might come his/her way.

The game is challenging and involving for the players. It is a Game of the Decade.

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