‘Game of Thrones’ Tweets ‘Winter is Coming’, season 8 remake breakdown? CHECK OUT


The official Game of Thrones Twitter accounts posted a cryptic conversation on Monday afternoon and the Internet almost lost its head. Speculation spiralled out of control following the accounts submitted three simple words: “Winter is coming“.

Game of Thrones wrapped up its decade of TV dominance this year, yet it feels like the story is far from over. That might be because of the mixed reviews for the season, the HBO spinoff series along with the fact that the last two novels are still in their way.

It’s just these ends that directed fans down a bunny hole that is speculative on Monday. In the series, “Winter is Coming” would be the words of House Stark a mantra about a half-remembered bewitching threat that lurks to the north of Westeros and inevitably returns over and over. It is also a simplistic motto, encapsulating northerners’ ethos.

In the actual world, there are as many potential interpretations of the mysterious tweet of the show on Monday evening. Fans thought it may be warning that there as prequel news on the way, an announcement concerning the series’ home video release or perhaps even news about the long-awaited next publication, The Winds of Winter.

“The entire season 8 was Bran Stark having a vision. The real s— in S9,” added another.

Of all the many potential statements in their method, a movie of Game of Thrones’ closing season may be the least probable. There are several things that the account might be announcing depending on who you ask.

For starters, Game of Thrones Season 8 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray per week from Tuesday. There will also be a massive box set of the show, and there may be some news on these releases coming to Twitter.

There’s also author George R. R. Martin wrote on his blog he could have The Winds of Winter” at [his] hands” by August of 2020. To prepare for that, the publishing statement would have to come sometime soon — unless of course, Martin talked about a manuscript rather than a copy.

There’s also the prequel series, House of the Dragon, which was ordered to show last month. Together with the author’s room constructed and the composing process well underway, there could be casting statements or some other show coming our way.

In the end, there’s the very real probability that the Game of Thrones Twitter accounts was simply remarking on the huge winter storms hitting the U.S. this week. It surely wouldn’t be the first time the show’s motto was employed to real-life climate occurrences.