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Game of Thrones: Some Characters Who Got Better and Some Got Worse As The Show Went On

Game of Thrones needed a cast filled with dynamic characters, but that got better as the show went? And which made worse?

For Eight seasons HBO’s Game of Thrones maintained fans breathless, watching the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms vie for the Iron Throne for nearly a decade.

In a fantasy world based on George R. R. Martin’s bestselling books, figures waged political and literal wars against one another, with noble and commoner alike molding their destinies amidst dragons, dire wolves, and ice ghouls.

Some characters started the show strong becoming strong performances, feats of valor, or fan-favorites due to their witty observations. Others took some time to find their footing, but grew at the same time, icons dropped their way and finished the show.


To many fans, the precocious and snarky Arya, daughter of the King of the North Eddard Stark, was a standout in the very first season.

She a wily intellect for someone so young, and revealed daring in the face of Prince Joffrey, didn’t want anything to do with girly customs and Sansa’s knightly preoccupation.

After Season 1, the existence of Arya was thrown into tumult, and she had to do whatever she could to survive. Her travels took her around Westeros and the way to Braavos, where the Faceless instructed her how to become a rogue assassin.

She was overall badass and a capable swordswoman After she returned to Westeros again, everything her younger self can hope for.


Daenerys started the show as the last of this House Targaryen, taking asylum in Dorne, where her brother conspired to create an army.

He married her off to get his Dothraki warriors, an adventure that changed her into the Mother of Dragons from a royal refugee.
Dany did much of her best personality increase.

Season 4 if she became Chains’ Breaker, her time taken up by bureaucratic responsibilities of court. She languished at Slaver’s Bay, and it required several seasons until she came to Westeros.

Dany was a shadow of her former self, making Season 8 a mercy killing.


In turmoil, Jon Snow started life as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark. His mother Catelyn never fully accepted him for her husband’s alleged infidelity, and he sought recognition from elder brother Rob and his father by linking in The Wall.

He hated saying goodbye to Arya, with whom he shared a special bond, Although he had been resolute in his duties.

He remained for several seasons at the wall, in which he was transformed by his interactions with his fellow Night Watchmen, Wildlings, and White Walkers into the hero he was destined to become.

By the middle of the season, he had been making the tough decisions and by the season, he’d proved himself worthy of the Iron Throne.

GOT WORSE: Cersei Lannister

At the beginning of the series, Cersei Lannister was the spitting image of a medieval maiden. Under her exterior lay the head of a killer. She proved she would stop at nothing if merely by looks.

As the show went on, using a mounting pile of bodies left in her 25, the maneuvers of Cersei just became sadistic and cruel.

Even Tywin Lannister failed, and Regrettably, it had been clear her character was not going to develop in the manners Tyrion, Jaime, and she stayed two-dimensional through the last season.


Sandor Clegane, known as”The Hound” for the fearsome helm he wore tournaments, was a tragic victim of circumstance. A burn he obtained by his brother’s hand, which left him to see the world as pitiless disfigured his face.

He was an enforcer of Prince Joffrey’s cruel punishments, also claimed to reveal no winner since no winner was revealed to him to the world.

As the seasons went on, and he also saw the horrors that befell the Stark girls Sansa and Arya, his demeanor appeared to soften. Under the exterior, conquer at the heart of a knight.

In his way, he demonstrated that he was not callous and quite as selfish as he turned into a hero, and pretended to be.


Jorah Mormont, son of the Lord Commander of the Night Watchmen, had been the Lord of Bear Island after until he switched to selling slaves.

Seeking refuge in Dorne from Lord Eddard Stark’s blade, he also has been a liaison between Khal Drogo Daenerys Targaryen, along with the Dothraki hordes, also became a sellsword.

Despite his newfound standing, Jorah was a man of ethics and honor, which he revealed time and again by shielding Daenerys. He fell in love with her but contracted the grayscale and was almost absent from later seasons.


Sansa Stark knew little about the ways of earth stuck up in the North, though she desperately wanted to live the life span of a lady of court in King’s Landing.

Her betrothal to Prince Joffrey ensured it would be experienced by her, but the reality behind the pageantry turned out to be malicious, brutal, and anything but elegant.

After she left King’s Landing and the started to journey Westeros with Littlefinger, her naivety began to dissipate. When she was promised to Ramsey Bolton for political profit, her eyes were opened, and a member of the Sansa expired in his company.

She was reborn midway into a fierce strategist and sage diplomat, who would never again allow herself to take advantage of through the series.



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