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Game of Thrones: Maisie Williams on the rumors of finale episodes




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Every fan has some expectations from the show. and when the show doesn’t stand on that expectations it hurt more than anything. same happens with the finale episodes of GAME OF THRONES. For all the enthusiasts its seemed to agree that the finale changed into a chief letdown.

On this one of the lead, actors shared some information. Star Maisie Williams has currently revealed principal information about the production of the eighth collection.


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Without any doubt, Game of Thrones status as one in every of the most critically acclaimed and famous drama collection. But after the clumsy season finale, lots of its devoted viewers were taken aback.

As the story of the show moves towards the battle for the Iron Throne unfolded, fans watched plotlines had been rushed. The screen is cluttered as characters started betraying each other. All this lead to the devastation of the topnotch script.

Unpredicted changes in the plot of the series raised many eyebrows.


Rumors commenced flowing that showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss had better, change cuts up their sleeves.

Due to the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s epic saga books. The show was needing to overhaul the original supply material, the logic accompanied that Benioff & Weiss may have examined out more than one conclusion to the collection within the writers’ room. There is tittle tattles saying that the makers shoot 2 endings so that climax can not be leaked.

As there was no strictness shown by the stakes. Lovers speculated that this procedure may additionally have made it onto the set, with the solid filming.


One of the prominent actor Maisie Williams wanna say something about these rumors. She played the role of Ned Stark’s daughter, Arya. The actor confirmed categorically that these tales have been untrue.

She positioned the speculation to relaxation and said: “We didn’t [film an alternate ending].”

In an article, she said: “It expenses a lot of cash and the schedule became way too tight. We had been spending all the cash on dragons.”

The units and computer graphics were impressive. A commendable work was done by the team on the post-production. ut as the end was not satisfactory all the efforts went in vain.

The scripts don’t reach the lofty expectancies of dedicated GOT enthusiasts.

Till now, no launch date has been showing.

Hopefully, the first confirmed spin-off. House of the Dragon, will alleviate fans’ issues with the unbalanced trajectory of the franchise.

For now, you have to wait for a little as House of the Dragon will premier on HBO in 2022.

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