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In the series the Starks were the main attraction, so we are hoping where would they fit in with their another magical world, like the Hogwarts Houses?
The House of Stark is one that the majority of people got behind throughout Game Of

Thrones. This was the only family that the fans of the series wanted to see survive and thrive as well, and then despite the fact they all went through hell and back, but thankfully they all did come out on top at the end of the season.

However, even though they were all technically seen as the main heroes of the story, then there was a wide range of personalities within the Houses. Because of this, each character in the series felt unique and different, which is also another reason why the Starks are so much enjoyable to watch. But now what if they were to enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter? This thing has been going around the heads of the fans of the series.

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Ned Stark- When the fans think about this character then they will be thinking that everything is good in the world, which is also why he would slot straight into the Gryffindor house. He was an incredibly loyal person, arguably to a fault, with his loyalty to his crown and also his friend ending up resulting in his death.

Rickon Stark- Out of all the Stark children, he is the character who gets the least focus throughout the whole series. However, he is also one of the most innocent. He is very less motivated by becoming a major success rather than just want to help other people throughout his life as long as he is alive.

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Catelyn Stark- She also falls somewhere in the middle, as she also shows signs of being warm, kind and also a loving person, while she can be a very cruel person also and manipulative at the same time as well.

Arya Stark- She is creative not only in her fighting ability but also in how she becomes the faceless man, she can transform herself which very few people in the series could have mastered. She is a very intelligent character, which perhaps overlooked sometimes because of the fact she is a fierce fighter.

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