Game Of Thrones Fans Spot Tyrell Family Huge Plot Mistake


GAME OF THRONES could be over but fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of spin-off show House of the Dragon. On the other hand, the prequel series might run into continuity issues now viewers have spotted a few glaring problems with the first series.

GAME OF THRONES may be over but fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of spin-off show House of the Dragon. The prequel series may encounter continuity issues audiences have spotted a glaring issue with the show.

As production for television series that is important has been postponed due to fears of the coronavirus, Game of Thrones’ future remains up in the air. Fans have been coming back to older episodes of the HBO series, a few significant plot holes have been flagged.

Much of HBO’s iconic adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s original books contradicted the epic War of Five Kings.

The saga is triggered when Joffrey (performed with Jack Gleeson) orders the execution of Ned Stark (Sean Bean), prompting the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to a vicious battle over their claims to the Iron Throne.

One fan theory has pointed out that, while Ned Stark’s execution transpired without dire consequences, things did not quite add up if the Tyrell dynasty was later decimated.

Reddit consumer SBishop2014 stated: “Ned Stark is the god of probably the most populated and many poor states in the entire country.”

The killing of the ostensible protagonist for the series close to the end of the first season of Sean Bean declared Game of Thrones as a brand new formula to get a new age of quality TV.

Sadly, many believed the stellar quality of the series dipped when it was obligated to overtake the original novels’ occasions.
This recession in quality was illustrated by the execution of the slaughter of the Tyrell family.

The fan continued: “Yet when Cersei has the entire house of Tyrell killed, which, in addition to being one of the most beloved houses in the entire realm, control the most populated and many wealthy provinces in the nation, and contains roughly a hundred thousand extremely loyal bannermen in contrast to the decimated Lannister forces, ” she suffers no consequences at all?”

To prevent her trial and get revenge on her enemies, Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) orders the devastation of the Great Sept of Baelor from wildfire.

The sept was the center of worship for King’s Landing, and its destruction allowed Cersei to take her place.

Some audiences have taken issue unleashing a devastating assault and staying unchallenged for some time throughout the seasons.
A huge majority of fans were disappointed by showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss’s rushed approach to the last seasons.


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