Game of Thrones: Epic evidence Jon Snow Azor Ahai was hidden in three big scenes


Fans of Game of Thrones hope that the next George RR Martin books will clear Jon Snow’s legacy and confirm that he is Azor Ahai. But we have already seen evidence in three significant moments.

Poor old John was always told that he knows nothing, ironically, when he finally discovered the most jaw-dropping revelation of his life (and recent Westerosi history), nothing finally happened. 


Similarly, the entire mysterious creation of Prince Who Promise was also fitted for an adaptation of HBO. But there are still two books left in Martin’s source saga, and we now know that John Azor fulfils every stage of Ahai’s prophecy, in fact being a prince.

Repeating his incredible to save the world from darkness and destruction, the prince is considered an Azor rebirth.

It is revealed that John reflected every major criterion in legends on Azor Ahai.

The following three gigantic moments fully confirm to John that there is indeed the anticipated saviour in the three horrifyingly precise moments.

Tyrion once said: “Prophecy is like a moiety-trained rasher. It sounds well-becoming, but the moment you trust it, it hits you in the head.” John is certainly not a heroic ending, but we ponder the following argument proves that he was.

Wiki of Ice and Fire completed three major stages in Azor Ahai’s quest to save the world.


Step 1: “Obscurity covered the world and a knight Azor was chosen to fight against it. “

“To fight the darkness, Azor Ahai needed to make a hero’s sword. He worked for thirty days and thirty nights. It was done. However, when he went to rage in the water, the sword broke. ” John’s first climate test was against others. Their sole purpose was to rescue the ice creatures from the White Walkers.

But when they united the forces and led the fight and sunk into defeating them, it was discovered that they were not the main threat. He tested its fineness against ice (which is water) and found that it was not discovered.


Step 2: “The second time she emaciated fifty days and nights to forge the swords, she was better than before. This time, angrily he catches a lion and inserts a sword into his heart, but once the steel breaks.”

The second threat was the brutal rule of the Lannister armies and Chrissy. Beware of the house, of course, is a lion. Then, John takes his armies to defeat him and plunges them into the enemy’s heart. But he realized that the enemy was still ahead.


Step 3: “He calls for his wife, Neesa Nyssa, and tells her to bare her breasts. He throws his sword into his living heart, pours his soul into the steel of the sword, Lightbringer, Heroes Mix Adds to Combines with a red sword. A red sword was made. “

“His blood, soul, power, and courage went into the steel of the sword that made Lightbringer. After this sacrifice, Lightbringer was as hot in life as Neesa Nyssa was in life.” Daenerys was literally engulfed by the fire of his Targaryen heritage as he saw it shining again so that the world could shine again. By killing him, John overcomes the threat of darkness. In this way, he incarnated the Lightbringer. But there was still another powerful symbolic act.


END: “Once Azor Ahai collided with a demon. When he took his sword out of the animal’s stomach so that its blood boiled, smoke and steam came out of his mouth, his eyes melted and his cheeks sank, and his body washed away Gaya. “

From the conclusion of Game of Thrones, it was clear power and the desire to rule is the ultimate evil, the monster. In Westeros, it was represented by the Iron Throne. Dragons explode a symbol of hatred due to John’s antics and the boiling and melting of metal.

Jon Snow was born with snow and fire and faced and defeated them both. What else is needed other than an azure?