G7, an Accident That Killed a Person Forced a Paris Taxi Company To Stop Driving the Electric Car Tesla

March 26, 2019 - Halifax, Canada - A 2019 red Tesla Model 3 plug-in electric car parked on a city street in downtown Halifax.

A leading Paris taxi company, G7 has suspended the use of all Tesla model three cars due to a fatal accident.

All-electric vehicles have been suspended over the weekend.


An executive from the firm G7 said that the 37 model 3s in its fleet would stay off the road till the end of a police investigation into the case.

GS7 driver said the driver was off duty and was taking his family to a restaurant when the accident happened on Saturday evening.

One person was killed the twenty were injured.

The executive said that the car accelerated when the driver tried to break.

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However, the further said that initial inquiry by Tesla had ruled out a technical fault.