Fruit Basket Season 4 Officially Confirmed? OVA Release Date Revealed!

Fruit Basket Season 3 is already here and there is nothing the fans can think of other than its Season 4. The story of Tohru Honda is something every person would love to watch. The remake has surely done justice to what the viewers have expected from the anime series. Now, all the viewers have been wondering if there will be Fruit Basket Season 4. 

Remember how we say that anime series are super unpredictable and anything can happen without our knowledge. Like it takes a few weeks for some anime to release its next season while many anime series take decades to come up with their sequel. Something similar happens with Fruit Basket. 


After 20 years of age, the studio finally renewed the series to make a reboot of it. As the series was already famous, it was pretty obvious that the fans would love the series. As the show has such a dynamic story and the prestigious image of the anime that have been loved by the audience for so many years. After the show make it’s first premiered, it became insanely hot. 

Many of the fans would agree with me that the initial anime wasn’t such a hit. The studio has proven that the series has just gone from undercover underrated anime to a purely insane anime series. 

Moreover, the show has topped the anime chart and has given tough competition to the popular anime series. The insane popularity of the anime series has ranked the show on Crunchyroll and MyAnimeList also. 

With all these things going around, Fans could expect another part of the series? Want to know about Fruit Basket Season 4? Here is everything you need to know about the show. 

Fruit Basket Season 4: Is it Renewed?

Fruit Basket Season 4

After the season-ending, fans have been hoping that the creators would be releasing more seasons. As the show holds the potential to release multiple seasons, fans want to know more about the life of Tohru honda and her friends. 

However, this is not what the creators have planned for the show. For all those people who have been hoping to see Fruit Basket Season 4, unfortunately, the series has not yet been confirmed. 

It came out recently that the showrunners have not planned to release Season 4. Now, fans have to expect that Fruit Basket Season 3 was the last and final season of the series. 

It looks like the creators are not interested in releasing the fourth installment of the series. The finale episodes of the series have pretty much wrapped up everything and I know that the finale seasons are often painful for the fans but it has to come this way. Whatever the series has given to the viewers was so amazing and holds such great importance for the audience. As the series is officially canceled from production for the season, fans are disappointed.

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Fruit Basket Season 4: When is it Going to be released?

Fruit Basket Season 4 updates

The supernatural story of Tohru Honda and her life after meeting Someone’s family is something fans love to explore. Based on the manga series that shares the same name, the show is popular all around the world. Natsuki Takaya, the author of the manga series, became popular after being discovered by the people. The manga series is still serializing and fans have been loving whatever the author provides them. 

Furthermore, Recently, It came out that the creators have canceled the show after Season 3. This is primarily because the show has particularly come to an end and everything that the plot offers seems quite satisfying to end the show. People are expecting a lot from the anime series but sadly the series has come to an end. There is no release date for Fruit basket Season 4 as the season is officially canceled. But is it the end of the Franchise? Read the next section to find out more about the anime series. 

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Fruit Basket Season 4: Will there be A Spin-Off Movie?

Fruit Basket Season 4 cancelled

Fans were disappointed after getting to know that their favorite anime is getting canceled. As the show was originally the reboot of the 2001’s anime series that was such a great gem but was quite underrated among the fans. With proper graphics and marketing, Funimation released the anime series. 

As soon as the show gets premiered, thousands of people watched the show and appreciated the story. When the series was renewed and started to release seasons, one could think that it would go a long way. 

Surprisingly the series has to come to an end and the show makers have left with no choice. While the popularity of the show was at its peak, it would not be the best choice to cancel the show. But they did.

But, wait till you hear the Spin-off news! It was officially announced that the series would get a spin-off movie. As the authors have originally released multiple mangas and there are still many that are left to cover, the creators have announced the confirmation of a movie.

Fruit Basket: Prelude has been confirmed by the fans. It is officially confirmed that the production of the series has also started.

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Fruit Basket Movie: When it is Going to Release?

Fruit Basket Season 4

Surely the series shave come to an end but who says that the officials won’t let more content to release? With the spin-off getting confirmed, we could start predicting the release date of the series. On Monday, the studio confirmed that the spin-off would be in production and it would be showing the life of the parents, Kyoko and Katsuya. 

The release date is also confirmed and the movie would be coming next year, on 18 February 2022.

As the series was already famous and fans have been demanding the spin-off, there could be more on the list. The author is still working on the manga and has been continuously releasing them back to back. With that, one can think that there could be more things to come off. 

I would not be surprised if there would be an OVA and another movie to release.

Final Words

Fruit Basket Season 4 has officially been canceled by the showrunners. The series holds a massive anime fanbase from a worldwide audience. With the series being canceled, the viewers showed their reagents on the online platform. Luckily, there will be a spin-off for the series on the way. The release date of the spin-off is confirmed for 17 February 2022.

With such a lot of things to cover in the future, I would recommend you wait for a while. Bookmark this page for the future and to get regular updates regarding the movie. Also, follow Honknews and get the recent updates regarding the series. 

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