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Frontier Season 4 What are the Official Statements? And whether the COVID-19 is affecting the Show or not?

Frontier is a Canadian Historical Fiction series. The show stars Jason Momoa in the main role. Upon its launch, it has been experiencing the appraisal of its concept, acting, and storytelling.

For the moment, it has been long since we have seen Momoa’s Declan Harp in action. And now the fans seek for the answers.

But as we know, the Coronavirus pandemic has ceased the productions of several movies and shows. However, we will try our best to find out if Frontier has time ahead or not.

Frontier: About the show

The show is co-created by Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie. And it is co-produced by Discovery Canada and Netflix. This Historical Drama discovers the fur trade North America in around the 18th century. 

Declan Harp is a part-Irish and part-Cree fugitive. He is set on to knock down the monopoly of Hudson’s Bay Company on the fur trade. However, fighting against Harp is Lord Benton, who is hell-bent to safeguard the company’s fortress.

The Season 1 of Frontier premieres in 2016. The second and third seasons aired in 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

Together with Momoa, the show stars many other actors. It involves Greg Bryk, Kyle M. Hamilton Alun Armstrong, Landon Liboiron, Zoe Boyle, Jessica Matten, Christian McKay, Evan Jonigkeit, and Shawn Doyle.

Frontier Season 4

Frontier Season 4: Official Announcements

There have been no formal declarations from either Discovery Canada or Netflix concerning the fourth season of the show. Season 3 concludes on a disturbing mood.

That’s the reason why fans are hoping for restoration. The show can center on Declan’s son, who thinks to be dead and their probable reunion.

Frontier Season 4: Is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the show?

If there is any probability of the fourth season, it suggests that the show won’t be making a come back anytime soon. This is because of the Current Coronavirus pandemic situation. 

At current, over 90 television shows and web series shows have for an unspecific time delayed their production due to the lockdown.

Until then, Frontier fans can re-watch and those who haven’t watch can watch the first three seasons on Netflix. And till then, stay home and stay safe.



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