From the Westworld Season 3 star reveals iconic Thandie Newton moment which almost did not take place

Westworld Season 3

Westworld Season 3 star reveals iconic Thandie Newton, The show Westworld have almost been brought to an end for their third season, but the fans of the show are still yearning for even more details the other-worldly universe created by HBO.

But, now the series costume designer has also given some of the details about how one of the show’s most iconic scenes almost looked entirely different.

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Westworld have even thrilled viewers some times this year itself, the third season of the HBO epic have given their fans enormous introductions to some of the new characters, new worlds, and some of the dramatic twists to tie up the futuristic world’s story.

Westworld Season 3 Star reveals iconic Thandie Newton

Westworld Season 3

Perhaps one of the most major iconic character moment of the third season this year was the reinvention of Maeve in the second episode.

After realising that she was in a simulation during the very second instalment of the third season of the show The Winter Line there Maeve broke her programming and forced herself to wake up. This also prompted the host to reawaken in a very stylish house, and then she was soon greeted by the character named Serac.

During these scenes, Maeve was seen wearing a slim-fitting white dress that also spells out the elegance and the class created by Serac in his very own little world.

Westworld Season 3

However, her outfit which she was wearing was not originally supposed to be included in the Maeve’s repertoire and it was actually a final-minute addition to the scene there.

Now speaking exclusively to some of the sources the costume designer of the show Westworld Shay Cunliffe recently told the story which also saw this dress’s arrival on the screen of the show.

The designer first explained that the white dress had always been a favourite of hers she said she saw Thandie was wearing a lot of that dress and it looked very good. The designer even described the dress as ‘great and modern’ and yet the eternal femme-fatale at the very same time.