From the Sex Education Season 5: Why Eric should be with Adam and why Rahim is perfect for him


Sex Education Season 5 has been announced we have the details about Why Eric should be with Adam and why Rahim is perfect for him. In the second season of the Sex Education, the fans or even the character Eric found himself pursued by both Rahim and as well as Adam, but we are hoping that with whom he will truly end up.

The series was one of the most surprising hit TV shows of the previous year. It actually followed the central character, teenager Otis Milburn, as he was navigating the ups and downs of his sexual awakening in a funny and also in a cringe worthy way. However, the show also managed to include a lot of warmth and also some heart, which is why the fans of the series cannot wait for the upcoming season.

Some of the things that the fans did not know about the Sex Education Season 5:

Sex Education Season 5

Adam Have Genuinely Have Fun Together- The character Adam has not exactly had the easiest upbringing of all the characters on the show. His father, Michael Groff who is the headmaster of Moordale Secondary School and also a bit of bully to boot, that is in both his personal and as well as professional life. For a very long time, Adam did not know how to be himself and just to have fun.

Rahim, He and Eric Were Adorable Together

Rahim, He and Eric Were Adorable Together– When Rahim was first strolled down the corridors of the Moordale School, almost each and students there was very much obsessed with him, and it as for good reason. He was quiet, and yet he exuded a very calm confidence which was instantaneously attractive.

Adam, The Chemistry is Amazing– Like it is seriously, their chemistry together is just off the charts. Back in the first season, Adam and Eric were forced to spend detention together. At this point in the series, they did not like each other that much so this detention was something that neither of them were looking forward to.


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