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From the Big Bang Theory Sheldon did not always care about his spot in the series




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The character Sheldon from Big Bang Theory was very much adamant that he be the only one character to sit in his spot on their apartment couch in the Big Bang Theory, but however, this was not always the case.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s spot in the series

Big Bang Theory Sheldon did not always care about his spot in the series-2

Sheldon Cooper has his own personal attachment to his own spot on the couch in The Big Bang Theory. He is very much known for his unique and sometimes downright ridiculous quirks, the socially inept genius had much time, again and again, to prove that he is willing to go through great lengths to make sure that his own will is done. That also included giving his friends grief when he mistakenly sat on his chosen spot on the apartment 4a’s sofa.

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Big Bang Theory Sheldon did not always care about his spot in the series -1

The series debuting in the year 2007, it primarily followed the great adventures Pasadena based nerdy friends, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Raj with Bernadette and Amy these two of them join in the later seasons. The Big Bang Theory ended their run in the month of May 2019 with a surprisingly emotional finale that saw Sheldon and Amy winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, while on the other hand Leonardo and Penny learned they were expecting their first child.

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Big Bang Theory Sheldon did not always care about his spot in the series -8

This is one of the show’s longest-running gags is Sheldon’s covetous attitude his ‘spot’ on the apartment couch or sofa. There is a very specific reason why he chose his spot, as he explained this thing to Penny shortly after she moved across the hall. Over the years, his all attachment to the sofa spot became more of the inspiration of many jokes in the series.

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He also fought with Howard over it as a by-product of their school parking lot conflict and he even got a mini heart-attack when he learned that Penny accidentally fired a paintball gun to the cushion. Only the character Meemaw is allowed to sit on it other than him or else he will be the one who will make scenes. However, this was not always the case.

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