From Ant-Man 3 Villan Hank Pym To MCU Timeline Here Is Official Release Date, Cast [SPOILERS] For You

Ant-Man 3

MCU has released news about the Ant-Man 3. The tiniest superhero in the MCU history is set making a return again. But his back continues to be a question mark.

The tiniest superhero will be returning soon.

Till now, The Ant-Man and the Wasp have been strangely silent about the movie not appearing according to the schedules. Surprisingly, Ant-Man got the lowest box office scores, but still, a sequel to this movie was sure. Now, Ant-Man 3 is made official. Peyton Reed, Director of the Ant-Man films twice, will be directing this series as well with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man as the cast.

Paul Rudd

In Avengers 4: Endgame, Ant-Man fought bravely against Thanos. The idea of the plot to go the beginnings starting from Infinity War and the journey of this superhero since then. The Quantum Realm will be playing a significant role in Ant-Man 3.

A real plot for the Ant-Man does not seem to exist. Even in the previous movies, the hero is often laughed at but is always suitable for surprises. MCU designer Kevin Feige pay heed to the cards. He released a statement about Antman stating that the chess pieces were purposefully aligned with Endgame. Those who have fallen are gone. And those who are still there will always remain a mystery.

Ant-Man remains the big question mark in the MCU, the tiniest hero who exits in the shadows and appears out all of a sudden like a dark horse.