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From Ant-Man 3 Villan Hank Pym To MCU Timeline Here Is Official Release Date, Cast [SPOILERS] For You must watch

ant-man 3

There is ultimately new data about Ant-Man 3. The tiniest Marvel Hero will come back.

An approximate begin is known, only the tale prevails a huge question mark.


So far, Ant-Man and the Wasp have been weirdly silent, with Ant-Man 3 not showing in the MCU’s schedules post the Endgame era.

Although the tiniest superhero in the MCU recently recorded the smallest box office scores, a series to the Sequel Marvel was obviously most certain.

Now Ant-Man 3 is also official.

The Hollywood Reporter has acquired that Peyton Reed, director of the earlier two Ant-Man movies, will also guide the filming of the affiliate – most probably with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man.

The Most Specific New Data About Ant-Man 3 At A Glance:

Peyton Reed, director of the first two films, returns.

Filming should begin in 2020.

A theatrical release is expected in 2022.

Of course, Paul Rudd’s return is also expected.

We now move to the spoiler territory.

In Avengers 4: Endgame, Ant-Man moved out to tip the scales in the battle against Thanos.

The thought of reversing the scenarios of the Infinity War with an adventure through time arrives from him.

Scott Lang and the Pyms went through the Quantum Realm, which is probable to play a huge role in Ant-Man 3 as well.

An actual plan for the Ant-Man figure does not appear to exist.

Even within the films, the hero is joked about but is definitely good for surprises.

MCU designer Kevin Feige  does not discern at the cards.

He declared on-demand in October in one of the limited statements regarding Ant-Man:

The chess pieces were specifically aligned with Endgame.

Those who have fallen off the board have disappeared.

And those who are still prevailing, you never know.

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