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French Exit- The wait is over as the film is released!!

Check out the Release date, Cast, Platform of release, Plot and Review of French Exit

French Exit is a 1hour 50mins comedy film directed by Azazel Jacobs based on the novel “French Exit” written by Patrick deWitt.

What is French Exit all about?

“This film exists in its own time”, says Jacob. By this he means that the set used for the movie is ancient and the painting or the telephone or clothes those characters are wearing takes you back to good old days.

So the story starts with introduction of the main character, Frances Price, a 65 year old widow, who lives with her son Malcolm Price in New York City.

It has been almost 10 years since the death of her husband and they are still living on the money he left and now they are on the verge of becoming insolvent and this is what her financial planner was cautioning her about since years.

French Exit

When the childhood friend of Frances, Joan comes to know about it she offers her to live in the Paris apartment she owns and frances agrees to her offer and go there, selling all her possessions illegally to survive.

Now Frances along with her son and Small Frank board on a ship leading to Paris. Coincidently they meet Madeleine, a person who contacts with the spirits and she says them that the spirit of Frances’s deceased husband Frank has possessed their Cat Small Frank. Scary isn’t it? just like the web series Behind Her Eyes!

What happens in paris?

Both Mom and son live a struggling life and mostly isolate themselves in Joan’s apartment. Now suddenly a plan hits France’s mind to earn money so she and Malcolm starts living a lavish life. Frances thinks to involve her deceased husband as well in the plan so she informs Small Frank about the plan for which he rans away.

They try to search for the cat everywhere but unsuccessful of them makes frances hire a friend who is an investigator, to search for Madeleine as she could contact Small Frank (dead husband). When Madeleine is found she tries to contact Small Frank, who denies coming to her as she was the one who intended to kill him and if you think this as impossible then you must surely check out Legacies Recap!!

French Exit

Frances invites all the friends she has in paris, Joan, who knows the reason of the get-together. Meanwhile Malcolm’s ex-fiancé, Susan comes to Paris to live with him as she is still in love with Malcolm. Eventually the story ends up tragically as we see Frances spends most of what he has and gives a little to Susan and unexpectedly kills herself!!!

Cast and Characters

  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Frances Price
  • Lucas Hedges as Malcolm Price
  • Eddie Holland as young Malcom Price
  • Valerie Mahaffey as Mme. Reynard
  • Susan Coyne as Joan
  • Imogen Poots as Susan
  • Danielle Macdonald as Madeleine the medium
  • Daniel Di Tomasso as Tom
  • Isaach de Bankolé as Julius
  • Tracy Letts as Franklin “Small Frank” (voice)

Release date of French Exit

Sony pictures classics on august 2020 decided to release the film on February 12, 2021 as a limited release in theaters of Newyork and Los Angeles and then on April 2 it was screened on other city’s theaters and later due to the pandemic it started its streaming on the Sony pictures classics.

French Exit

Review and Critics

I don’t know why the movie has got a review of 6.2 on 10 (rotten tomatoes). Personally, I believe that movie was worth my time and is surely underrated just like the movie Mainstream With a tough storyline to act on and having us on the edge of the seat Pfeiffer has done extremely good in terms of her acting and well deserved she received critical acclaim for her performance as well.

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