Fourth Stimulus Check Update: New $1100 California Payments Coming Soon, Child Tax Credit Extension Facing Issues


Many Citizens of America are pleading for a fourth stimulus package. Recent research have shown that poor and medium income populations continue to suffer from economic price inflation, slower employment increases, and stifled supply chains. Thankfully, some members of the government appear to be aware of these issues.

Although a fourth stimulus check appears improbable at this time, two additional projects that may credit Americans with hundreds of dollars are making headway. The first is the Golden State Stimulus check, which will be distributed on Friday in the amount of $857 million. The Child Tax Credit, which President Joe Biden proposed extending by a year, is the second item on the agenda.


As per KTLA, a new round of payouts will be distributed on Friday. 400,000 of the 1.15 million payments will be transferred immediately into banks, while 750,000 will be mailed paper cheques. Californians who eligible for the program should keep an eye out in the days ahead.

The largest tax refund program, known as Golden State Stimulus checks, was approved to assist more than 66 percent of California’s entire population. The program provides payments ranging from $600 to $1,100 per qualified person, with an additional $500 for each qualifying dependent.

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Meanwhile, GSS installments will continue to be made throughout the year. The recipient’s last three ZIP code digits will be used to calculate delivery dates. The following schedule is provided by the Franchise Tax Board:

  • 000-044: October 6 to 27
  • 045-220: October 18 to November 5
  • 221-375: November 1 to 19
  • 376-584: November 15 to December 3
  • 585-719: November 29 to December 17
  • 720-927: December 13 to 31
  • 928-999: December 27 to January 11, 2022

For perspective, the continuing child tax credit program provides qualified adults and their children with monthly payments ranging from $250 to $300. This is a one-time provision of the stimulus bill passed last year. These benefits, however, are scheduled to end, with the final payment planned for December.

Biden had intended to extend the monthly payouts until 2025. Nonetheless, his most recent request simply asked for a one-year extension. Biden met with two sets of House and Senate Democrats to negotiate the extension. More information might come later this year about Extended Child Tax Credit.

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