Fourth Stimulus Check Update: Group To Urge Congress For $1,400 Payments To Some Americans


Approximately 75,000 individuals have signed petitions demanding for a $1,400 stimulus check for Social Security recipients, with the organizer hoping to convince Government to approve before the end of the year.

One of the largest nonpartisan seniors’ organizations, the Senior Citizens League, is urging Congress to send the $1,400 to everyone who receives Social Security benefits. Inflation is putting excessive burden on fixed-income households, according to the Senior Citizens League, and this year’s benefit boost hasn’t kept pace with increased living costs.


According to Johnson, the group began the petition in early October and has already garnered 75,000 signatures, including roughly 1,600 in the last week. As in the past, the organization is also sending out a major postal campaign to its supporters and collecting genuine signatures. Those signatures have yet to be accounted for in the final tally.

By the end of the month, Johnson said, they want to have a final tally of postal and online signatures, at which point they’ll transmit constituent support counts to every member of Congress. The objective is to show legislators how much support there is for the proposal in their districts before they depart for the holidays in December.

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Whereas the group maintains to campaign for the $1,400 payments, which Johnson believes would provide much-needed aid to Social Security beneficiaries, he recognizes that the prospects of some other stimulus check are “doubtful.”

Further efforts to put more cash in Americans’ wallets have failed, but the Senior Citizens League intends to keep working with politicians to have the concept adopted, even if it means extending the current session into the next.

For roughly 70 million Americans, Social Security payouts will increase by 5.9% next year. The substantial rise in benefits from the 2021 boost might jeopardize another stimulus check, but Johnson said it “all depends on what our economy is doing.”

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