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Four More Shots Please Season 2 Review: is breaking every stereotype regarding women in India




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Season two of Four More Shots Please Those Amazon Prime Series is about evolved Personalities and being part of change, State co-stars Bani J, Sayani Gupta, Manvi Gagroo and Kirti Kulhari.

Four Longer Shots Please! is ambitious to a fault. Not only is it a story centred around four different and sassy women, the series boasts a nearly all-female cast and crew. Speaking about how it took shape, founder Rangita Pritish-Nandy states, “I realised that besides international shows and movies, India was making zero content about girls like me, rising up in the India of today”

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Sayani Gupta views on four more shots please

American television has turned into Sex and the City to the stuff of legend. Four More Shots Please! — although faulty like its protagonists — brings something radically new into Indian drawing rooms. The Bechdel Test is effortlessly passed by it also. The girls find that men aren’t the cornerstone of the presence. Their troubles stem from areas of their lives: their own ambitions that are specific, their careers, their own bodies.

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The famous four in Four More Shots Please

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Each of the ladies I speak with concurs the concept drew her in right. “It was an unprecedented chance to be part of something special — a narrative about women by women,” says Bani J, who plays with a bisexual fitness trainer. The journalist, for Sayani Gupta, it was also a opportunity to play a flawed character with quirks. “It came out of a sensitive, practical place that I could relate to,” she states.

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Four More Shots Please Season 2 Release Date -2

Manvi Gagroo lends circumstance. Siddhi Patel, her personality struggles with her own body image. “I was hooked when I was told that it is about female bonding and friendship,” she states, adding,”It goes deeper. By way of instance, Siddhi is not treated as a stereotypical girl. It was refreshing to watch her as somebody trendy and it siphoned off from stereotypical depictions of these girls on-screen as dressed down, wearing tight clothes, appearing a small jhalla.”

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“It had been the boldness that drew me ,” she states. “And I don’t mean the sexual scenes, but the simple fact that it looks at girls differently and places their issues at the center . I wanted to be part of this shift.”

Four More Shots Please Season 2 Release Date -6

It has received its fair share of criticism as well because of its near-constant portrayal of those girls as who tend to drink all the time, while audacity has become the hallmark of the show. As season two arrives, the actors insist that great care has gone into making it easier than the first. Gupta says,”I agree that girls smoking and drinking all of the time is not a symbol of empowerment. The thought was that girls like people, that drink and smoke as a matter of fact, require representation. It shouldn’t be a measure of being damaged. We needed to break the taboo associated with it honest to the set of women featured in the series.”

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Addressing critics

Four More Shots Please Season 2 Release Date

Gagroo admits they have obtained a great deal of creative liberties. “Of course we don’t dress up like this every day, we do not always have good hair and make-up, nor do we wear heels,” she says, adding that the beauty of the show is that”despite those girls looking visibly more blessed than most other girls in India, they still face similar problems. The idea was to portray female characters not through the lens of a man: the proper and prim spouse or spouse, or the other stereotype of the vamp who smokes and drinks. We wanted to challenge that this conditioning and state a girl drinking is not a bad person, and a lady in a sari isn’t always a fantastic person.”

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