Fortnite concert by Travis Scott: Only two words surreal and spectacular

Fortnite concert by Travis Scott

Fortnite concert by Travis Scott: From the first rocket launching to the mech vs. kaiju battle to the black hole that wiped out an entire island, every new event is much more elaborate than the last. Now we can say the exact same is true of the concerts. This week’s Travis Scott performance blew it from the water.

Epic was setting the stage to the concert since last weekend — literally. Over the past couple of days players could see a point being assembled in the Sweaty Sands beach, as the days passed and it climbed more complete. A shameful point was of the water on top, and golden, inflatable Travis Scott heads around it.

Fortnite concert by Travis Scott

(Happily, respawns have been set up.) When the show began, players could see a peculiar planet-like object drifting onto a display that is circular; everything blew up and the performance started properly when it got close enough.

The Full Concert by Travis Scott

Really, the entire Fortnite island has been the stage. While players could run across the water around the staircase a Scott stomped during the opening tune. Since the tracks shifted, so did the visuals.

At one stage everything was fiery and Scott turned into a cyborg; later it looked like everyone had been transported to Tron. When “Highest in the Room” came on, the crowd was submerged underwater, along with a giant spaceman. You will find psychedelic and rollercoasters effects and around Earth players were literally flying in the conclusion.

The set was brief, lasting around 15 minutes. However, what I loved was that it had been the kind of adventure that could only exist within a virtual space in this way. As anybody that has been to an IRL Travis Scott arena series can attest, yes, live concerts have become more complicated. However, they don’t allow you to float through the air while a Godzilla-sized rapper walks across an ocean.

Glimpses of Fortnite concert by Travis Scott


For starters, when the show began the game’s UI was mechanically turned off, permitting you to get a better view of the visuals. The developer also limited the emotes players could use to store items.

I could not do a kitty dance or anything silly; instead, I rage or could headbang with a microphone stand. In a wonderful touch, you did not have to actually own those emotes to use them during the concert.

Was make this a trip rather than a concert. Whereas all former Fortnite occasions were one-offs, the Scott concert I attended was the first of five. If you missed this, there are plenty of other chances to get in. (For more on the way to watch, have a look at our guide.) The event opens up to a larger audience around the globe.

fortnite concert by travis scott-2

Last year’s Marshmello concert was a massive success; more than 10 million individuals attended, based on Epic, which makes it Fortnite’s biggest ever event. Travis Scott’s virtual tour has the potential to top that with a captive audience, a more complicated performance, a name performer, along with numerous displays stuck inside with nothing to do. The question, actually, is how much Epic can make its second electronic concert collection.


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