Former Phoenix Police Officer Charged with Fraud


A former Phoenix police officer is accused of filing an impersonated loan application and being given more than $1.2 million in government loans as a result of her activities, according to officials.

During that time period, Toni Richardson, who was employed as a police officer in Phoenix, is accused of submitting a fictitious Paycheck Protection Program loan application to a bank and then using the money to pay for personal expenses and transferring it to other accounts across the country, according to the complaint.


Initial plans for the loan were for it to be used to aid businesses that were suffering as a result of the impacts of COVID 19.

An indictment filed by the federal government alleges that Richardson and another man, Willie Mitchell, submitted the application through a social club that had been disguised as a bogus organization and contained fraudulent employee and payroll information.

According to corporate officials, the company did not have a payroll or any employees. Apparently, the loan will be required to “retain personnel, keep payroll flowing smoothly, pay interest on the company’s mortgage, as well as make lease and utility payments,” according to the statement.

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It was necessary to generate a bogus payroll in order for the two of them to qualify for the loan, and the money was sent into their bank account.

Between March and June, Richardson and Mitchell made many withdrawals from the loan account, withdrawing a total of more than $15,000.

According to the Phoenix Police Agency, as soon as the department heard of the accusations against Richardson, it initiated the process of terminating his employment. Officials have said that she quit prior to the incident taking place.

Additionally, Richardson and Mitchell are being investigated by the federal government for bank fraud and transactional money laundering, in addition to the conspiracy claims.