Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown posted bail Friday


Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown posted bond Friday and was released from a Florida prison, a day following turning himself on a warrant stemming from the alleged battery using a moving truck driver.

Brown faces 1 count of burglary of an unoccupied conveyance, one count of burglary with battery and one count of criminal mischief less than $ 1,000.

A judge set bond for Brown, who performed largely at $110,000, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and ordered him to surrender his passport to put on a GPS track and stay away from weapons and media.

Eric Schwartzreich, Among the attorneys of Brown, has said that Brown is innocent of all charges and plans to fight the allegations. The attorney also has said the charges are overblown and”much ado about nothing.”

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon when a company worker said Glenn Holt, Brown and Brown’s trainer, battered him. Holt was detained Tuesday, but police were unable to immediately contact Brown and a warrant was issued.

A police arrest report says that on Tuesday, a moving company employee delivered the merchandise to Brown from California but refused to release them until Brown paid. Since the vehicle drove off, he threw a stone at the truck, and brown refused to pay, ” the report says.

The 4,000 was later paid, but Brown then refused to pay an additional $850 for the time and damage to come back to the house of Brown. A debate followed, and Brown is accused of physically grabbing a guy, tearing his shirt and leaving abrasions to him, according to the report.

Holt allegedly got in the vehicle and grabbed the keys, about returning, setting off a dispute according to the police records. Holt then unlocked the back of the vehicle, and Brown and”unidentified friends” started catching boxes, according to the report.

Brown and others are accused of items that didn’t belong to the athlete if the items threw back in the vehicle, police said in the report.

Police reacted and Brown was sitting outside his door. “When Brown recognized the police were on scene, he retreated inside of the house and shut the door,” authorities said in the record. Phone contact Brown was tried” with negative outcomes,” the police report states.