Former Batman, Ben Affleck Explains Why He Dropped out of Batman Movies


The Batman is currently being filmed and this reboot movie will introduce the world to a new live-action version of Batman, played by Robert Pattinson. However, even as Robert gets set for his big-screen debut as The Batman, there are a lot of fans still pining for what could have been with Affleck’s version of Batman. Well, after the failure of the Justice League movie in 2017, Ben Affleck largely stayed out of the limelight. Now, Ben Affleck is back with his new film, The Way Back. While doing the press conference for the film, Ben had to face questions about his time as Batman- and why he left it behind.

Ben Affleck did not realize how iconic the character of Batman was until he took the job and that was a big story. He said that it happened at a time when the Internet was expanding into the movie business differently and the fan sites, relationships with fans were changing and evolving.

There is a questionable discrepancy what Ben Affleck has said in the press conference and the actual timeline of what happened with his time as Batman. Affleck was set to write, direct and star in a Batman solo movie set within the DC Extended Universe franchise; so it wasn’t that he was simply asked by Warner Bros to do it, and turned it down due to fatigue.

Well in the end though the sentiment behind Ben’s explanation is ultimately honest. He didn’t know how big of a deal his Batman casting could be, and the experience with the negative fandom, the studio meddling, and media scrutiny left him sapped of his enthusiasm for the character and world.

Well anyways let us hope the best for the entire team of the upcoming movie The Batman. Let us wish the best for them and hope that the movie is a huge success in the box office.


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