Football Manager 2020 Touch: Nintendo Switch Review- A Great Experience For Managers


Football Manager 2020 has been out for about a month on Steam. It received reviews and currently sits at 84 in Metacritic. But these days it is not enough for Sports Interactive. There are also touch and mobile versions for those going to the FM20, but they need to chase their managerial dreams.

Available for £ 29.99 at all good retailers and comes on the Football Manager 2020 Touch Switch, Nintendo eShop.


Converting to switching football manager is a bit tricky, though. The PC does not have the processing power to run huge simulations of the full version, but with a larger screen and faster controls, it can do little more than a mobile or tablet.

So has Sports Interactive done the sensational Football Manager to fit the Nintendo Switch?

Same but Different –

Football Manager 2020

The first thing you notice when loading a game is how similar the menu and user interface are in the full PC version. Some sidebars are sorted and await you with the tap of a shoulder button, but otherwise, you can do much more that you want easily.

Uses an analogue stick instead of a mouse, but you can scroll menus with the D-pad, quick approval with Y, quick advance with ZR and quick control options in one click in the FM button for all. Are available — right top. If this is not good for you, then you can use the touch screen function and scroll and click with your fingers.

Otherwise, everything is there. The Switch game limits you to just three countries per save, so you can’t load Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico and bring Huddersfield from scouting for the next Wonderkid, but otherwise, you know the transfer market, your youth. It can be applied. Players can sign favourites, and easily sell their squad’s underperforming fringe.


Football Manager 2020 Switch Strategy –

Football Manager 2020


Every manager has his preferred strategy. Be it an unhealthy personal formation or a classic 4-2-3-1, and importantly for armchair managers everywhere, the switch version of the FM20 includes every tactical device you can find on a PC. Be it a vertical tiki-taka style with inverted wings or 3-5-2 per-fluid; you can do it all.

You cannot train anchor DMs with one strategy and another with AMC playmaking as a full version. This means that you have to compromise a bit and find a balanced way that works against all opponents.


Match Engine –

The FM20 on the switch keeps the new Match engine running in all its glory. You can watch every comprehensive attack and heroic combat like a PC user — no top-down dots, just the most accurate and detailed football simulation.

You are limited in the tweaks you can make from the viewing experience. For example, you can’t speed or cut it again, but when it needs to be done with this game, it’s a small thing.


Stripped back to Simplicity –

Football Manager 2020

While most features such as Club Vision and Development Center are included in the Switch version, there are a few surprisingly unavailable things. There is no press conference on the switch. For some, it will be a blessing because they can become repetitive and tedious after a while, but for others, it will create a lack of immersion.

There is also team interaction. This means that pre-play is not a confidence booster or a half-time motivator for your team.

This is probably the biggest issue I have with the game, as those little touches have improved the best over the last 5 years. However, it flows from game to game without the risk of oysters ruining your preparation.

However, if you want to play on your daily commute or need something to break up a Christmas turkey and family catch-up, the FM20’s touch on the switch is perfect.



It maintains access for new players while experienced players get some better opportunities to love. It still takes you in and hangs you on every pass and every contract. The menus are effortless and easy, while the entire experience is a delight. There is only one problem when comparing the PC version, but in the end, that does not matter.

Like our review of The Witcher 3, when it comes down to it, you are getting an in-depth managerial sim that you can catch while standing on a busy train or picnic. This fact alone is sufficient for many small markings that fade into the background.