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Floribama Shore Is Again In Controversy? Will There Be Season 5?

Floribama Shore is already coming with its season 3 for the audience. The reality TV show is popular among the fans and is doing great after it launches. The MTV exclusive reality show first aired on 27 November 2017 in the USA. The series has aired the fourth season so far and the audience is wondering if there are chances of season 5. 

After receiving a lot of backlash and controversy, the show gained more name in the town. People started to get to know this show more than before because of the ongoing backlash. But will there be season 4? If you are one of the people who are wondering about this reality show then your doubts will be going to clear today. What are you waiting for? Read this article and get to know everything about Floribama Shore in detail.

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Floribama Shore – A Unique Reality Show

Floribama Shore is an American reality television show which was first released on MTV on 27 November 2017. This show is the sequel to the Jersey shore series. Set in the Florida Panhandle city with a wonderful location filled with beaches and trees to give a summary vibe to the show. 

The show centralizes eight contestants who spend their summer in the Gulf Coast together to live a good life. These eight contestants lived with each other as a family and the show revolves around these character’s lives. Their normal life from partying and working together is filmed within the show and it portrays their friendship and bonding. 

After season 1 ended, people took the show in a positive way and the ratings and viewership of this show make the creator release another season. 

Eventually, the show was booked for season 2 and it aired on 9 July 2019. Likewise, the show was renewed by the creators for the fourth season. As the show increases its season, people are looking if MTV will again renew the show for season 5? Wanna know the answer? Find in the next section. 

But before heading further, Do you know that Floribama Shore is filled with controversies? Let’s take a look at them

Floribama Shore – Controversy and Backlash

After the show aired, the people started to gain more interest in the personal lives of the people. You know how our minds and heart want to know about the cast. We want to know what we saw on TV is really true? As the fame and popularity of Floribama Shore increase, the controversy increases.

Kortni Gilson Left the show 

kortni gilson

The adorable Kortni Gilson who is loved by the audience left the Floribama Shore after being mentally harassed and depressed by the show contestant. The reality TV show star was a victim of Sexual harassment and sexual assault in childhood and she shares her trauma with the people of the Floribama Shore.

She was only 16-year old when these things happened but she kept it quiet because she doesn’t want to reveal it due to her private concerns. After she welcomed into the show, she started to believe the contestant which she thought of as her friend. 

But it was later revealed that these people had broken her trust and she was again mentally disturbed. She took a break from TV because of her mental health. In place of Kortni, Floribama Shore cast Mattie Lynn Breaux as Kortni but things didn’t go well for her.

The fans of the reality show criticized her for taking the role of Kortni after such a lot of controversy. The star left the show after all the hatred and said that she will never go to do reality shows again.

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Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni Friendship

Gus and Jeremiah

The show Floribama Shore is about friendship and coordination but two of the contestants have a lot of issues going around. Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni who once used to be friends and roommates now don’t even talk much to each other.

The conflict started in Panama City Beach when one of the houseguests started a fight with Smyrnios and Buoni was not taking gus side. Instead of which he was actually on the Guest side and that makes Gus angrier. 

He got emotional because they both were really good friends and he hoped that Buoni would side him during a fight. This impacted the friendship of both the cast members and it was also seen in the show.

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Floribama Shore – Will there be season 5?

floribama shore

As the show gets a lot of changes compared to what it was initially the cast is also changed and there is already conflict going around between Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni. 

As Kortni also left the show with the emotional history and Nilsa being pregnant, the show became a lot more difficult to carry on. 

The audience was somehow accepting season 5 but MTV is yet to announce anything about it. With season 4 being just airing it’s an all-new season. It is a lot more difficult to answer this question. 

It’s All up to the channel network and if they want another season there will be season 4. If not, then there will be nothing going to happen with it. 

Where can I watch Floribama Season 4?

If you are new to this series and wanted to watch it then the series is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. 

Other than that, there are many amazing shows available on Amazon Prime Video which you needed to check for sure. Series like Mr. Robot, Manifest, and many more are available on the platform to watch.

Is Kortni on Floribama Shore Season 4? 

Kortni gilson

The famous star of Floribama Shore is Kortni Gilson who left the show after being mentally disturbed in it. The show gained limelight after she broke her silence regarding the contestant and the show. She is currently treating her mental health in her home and fans are wondering if she will rejoin the cast in the future. The star is not planning to return to the show anytime soon and there are no updates from her side. 

Not even the show creators have said anything regarding this so far. If there will be any updates, I’ll let you know.

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Final words

The reality TV show, Floribama Shore has released its season 4 on 25 Feb 2021, and their latest episode was released on 6 May 2021, people are hoping for season 5 too. The creators are still far away to say anything about season 5 because season 4 is already airing and it has not ended its episodes yet. People have different emotions after the show ended airing its season 3. Everything is going smooth so far and there is no controversy after all the things that happened. If there will be anything in the near future, I’ll let you know.



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