Flack Season 2: Let Us Talk About the Series

Flack Season 2: Let Us Talk About the Series

Season one of Flack was quite popular among the fans. And I am sure by now you have also watched this epic series. Let us talk about Flack Season 2 in detail to know more about the show.

Flack Season 2: About the Series

Flack is a British dramedy television series. The series was directed by Peter Cattaneo and George Kane. The series was created and written by Oliver Lansley. The first season of the series was premiered in the year 2019 on the 21st of February. The first season consists of six episodes, and it concluded on 28th March 2019.

Flack Season 2: Let Us Talk About the Series

On 2nd August 2019, it was announced that the second season will be coming. And one 13th April 2020 the second season came, with six episodes in hand. The second season was concluded in the year 2020 on the 18th of May 2020. The second season was premiered in the UK on W which is a British TV Channel. And June 10, 2021, the second season was made available on Amazon Prime Video.

Robyn is an American publicist living and working in London, who is always in trouble she has to make plans in order to get out of that bad situation. She has to turn the bad situations into the best and she somehow manages to do that and is out of trouble. She specializes in clearing the professional mess that is always created by her clients. And due to this her personal life is affected badly. In the second season of the show, a British politician is arrested after he met an actress who is involved in some sort of social media scandal.

Flack Season 2: Let Us Talk About the Series

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Flack Season 2: Star Cast 

The main cast of the show includes:

Flack Season 2: Let Us Talk About the Series

  • Anna Paquin as Robyn, an American publicist living and working in London
  • Sophie Okonedo as Caroline, Head of Mills Paulson
  • Genevieve Angelson as Ruth, Robyn’s sister
  • Lydia Wilson as Eve, Robyn’s best friend and colleague at Mills Paulson
  • Rebecca Benson as Melody, an intern at Mills Paulson.
  • Arinze Kene is Sam, a nurse, and Robyn’s boyfriend.
  • Marc Warren is Tom, a ballet dancer.
  • Rufus Jones as Mark, Ruth’s husband.
  • Andrew Leung as Craig, an IT worker at Mills Paulson
The star cast of the second season of Flack is Anna Paquin (Robyn), Rebecca Benson (Melody), Rufus Jones (Mark), Lydia Wilson(Eve), Genevieve Angelson (Ruth), Arinzé Kene(Sam), Sophie Okonedo(Caroline), and Marc Warren (Tom).

I know after reading this, you will go and watch Flack season one and two only Amazon Prime Video. I am sure you all are going to enjoy this dramedy series so much, as I have enjoyed. It’s a highly entertaining and energetic series to watch. So go and watch now.

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