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Final Fantasy XIV the Powerful Zodiac Weapon : Tip To Follow




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Final Fantasy XIV is set to receive yet any other free update come August. While maximum can be clamoring for the latest content in Shadowbringers, others might be thrilled to know that the Heavensward expansion may also turn out to be free.

This will provide gamers with a taste of all of the base game and primary expansion combat jobs up to stage 60. Players hooked by way of that initial taste can go directly to enjoy massive scale raids primarily based on Final Fantasy Tactics and Nier Automata.

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Relics are the final weapon in A Realm Reborn, sturdy enough to additionally function hands all through tons of Heavensward. They are exclusive to jobs brought before patch 3.0. 

So you can’t get one if you are gambling as later jobs like a Samurai or Dancer. Still, the time and foreign money investment are profitable, as both a Relic and it’s lots later upgrades may be used some distance beyond degree 60.

How To Create The Zodiac Relic in Final Fantasy XIV

To begin your adventure in Final Fantasy XIV, receive the level 50 quest The Weapon Smith of Legend from Nedrick Ironheart in Western Thanalan X:12, Y:14. 

Final Fantasy XIV

This will result in the quest A Relic Reborn to your present-day combat task. Also, the smith Gerolt will ship you to a certain Beastman stronghold to get better a misplaced weapon: Natalan, Zahar’ak, Sylphlands, Sapsa Spawning Grounds, or U’Ghamaro Mines. 

You may also need to craft or buy a corresponding new weapon along with attaching two third grade material. Check your marketplace board or ask your loose company in case you are unable to make it yourself.

You will next need to clear a few instanced content as your activity. And prepared along with your base weapon: The Chimera trial and the Amdapor Keep dungeon. 

Return to Gerolt and he’ll send you returned to the stronghold to kill 24 unique monsters together with your weapon. Next, you will want to finish 4 greater trials: The Hydra, Bowl of Embers (Hard), Howling Eye, and The Navel. 

As long as you’re important to the Duty Finder. You will likely be match-made with over-ready players that could easily clean this content material.

Last, purchase a Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil from Auriana in Mor Dhona. For 15 Poetic Tomestones (without difficulty gained from the preceding trials).

With all of the gadgets and quests cleared. Head again to Gerlot in North Shroud and he’s going to forge your object stage 80 Zodiac Relic.

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