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Fight to Fame Is Solidifying Its Place in Hollywood

It hasn’t been long since this reality TV show was launched but the show’s recent movements have definitely paved a smooth road ahead for itself. Over the course of a few months, the show has managed to secure deals in several key countries and territories.

And amidst all that is happening in the world, nothing is stopping Fight to Fame from solidifying its place in Hollywood. It continues to plant roots and find strategic ways to promote itself towards becoming a household name.

From getting a Peruvian Presidential Candidate onboard to financing a faith-based feature film in Hollywood, Fight to Fame is definitely on its way to establishing itself both in Hollywood and the world.

Presidential Candidate as Chairman of Peru Committee

Fight to Fame Peru

Last November, a Peruvian VIP made a special trip to visit the show. Andres Hurtado is one of Peru’s most influential TV hosts and one of the 2021 presidential candidates.

He has a four-hour TV show in Peru that he intends to use to promote the Fight to Fame (FF) action star token. He says that it’s a great avenue for the Peruvian people to touch wealth and the future.

During this visit, he also made a one-time purchase of 20 million FF tokens that led to the token being sold out in some parts of Latin America.

And just recently, on February 15, Hurtado hosted one of the most influential TV shows in Peru. Prior to that, he was appointed as the chairman of the Fight to Fame BMS Peru Committee and has invited Peru’s boxing champion, along with the FF team, to launch the show.

He has also invited mysterious boxers to compete on the show and has announced that he will appoint the winning boxer as the BMS Peru Committee Ambassador. He further adds that this BMS model will be the most successful in the world.

Famous Vietnamese Fighter Joins Fight to Fame as Ambassador

Cung Le Fight to Fame

The reality TV show has not only established its first Asian office but has also been recruiting ambassadors in the continent.

In Vietnam, Cung Le has officially signed up to become the show’s BMS Action Star Ambassador to Vietnam. He is the first Asian fighter to become an ambassador for the show and is now part of the roster of FF champions.

Le expressed that he feels blessed to be part of the team and that he looks forward to promoting it in his home country. He further expressed that this is a great avenue for fans, audiences, and athletes to learn more about the show and its token.

This is one way for Vietnamese aspirants to grab the opportunity of landing parts in Hollywood action movies and blockbusters. Should a champion hail from this country, the roster of action stars in Hollywood will be diversified.

Financing a Faith-Based Hollywood Film

Despite making its rounds all over the globe, the show still manages to go back to Hollywood where winners will make their dreams come true.

Fight to Fame Films, along with Cinema Libre Studio, have agreed to fund a faith-based movie that will be directed by Jamie Foxx. The film is entitled “When We Pray” and productions will start right before the end of the year.

This movie was written by Foxx and Donald “Speedy” Caldwell, who had already collaborated with Foxx before.

The movie will revolve around two brothers leading different churches within the same community. As one church progresses into a modern and well-financed church, the other crumbles to financial struggles.

By funding this movie, FF kickstarted their project on financing several films so that they can develop action films that will eventually star winners from FF reality TV shows.

Big Progress

Although operations might be slow due to the crisis we’re facing, Fight to Fame has already laid out its foundation and shouldn’t worry about springing back to life once everything settles down.

With roots in different parts of the world and funding for an upcoming film, the show will not only solidify its place in Hollywood, but will also establish itself on the global platform. It won’t be long before people queue to buy its action star tokens and tune in to its shows.



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