Feel The Beat: Release Date, Cast And The Plot Details!


Feel The Beat: Updates, Netflix has its schedule tightly packed with movies and shows one after the other. Surely, Netflix will not leave you bored and will give you shows and movies to binge-watch. Netflix is on its way to release a brand new movie named “Feel the Beat”. The trailer of the movie is appreciated a lot by the audiences. Check out the release date of the movie.

The Cast Of “Feel The Beat”:

Sofia Carson plays the main protagonist in the movie named April. Also, the movie includes Wolfgang Novogratz, Donna Lee Champlin, Rex Lee, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Lidya Jewett, Sadie Lapidus, Johanna Colón, Shaylee Mansfield, Shiloh Nelson, Justin Allan, Carina Battrick, and Kai Zen. Finally, Eva Hauge, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Enrico Colantoni are also a part of the movie.


The Plot Of The Show


The story revolves around a dancer named April who got successful coming from a small town. April became a broadway dancer. Later, her career had a downfall and she was completely shattered. April returned to her hometown depressed after a downfall. There she got support from her father and her boyfriend Nick.

Later, she gets the offer to teach little non-dancer girls to dance. She sees it as an opportunity to make her way back to broadway. Though, in the process, she learns a lot and found a new way to look at life.

The Release Date Of The Show

The official date of the movie has been released by Netflix. “Feel the Beat” is releasing on 19 June 2020 on the streaming platform of Netflix.

Be ready for all the fun movies Netflix is offering.

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