Federal Aid 2022 – No More Stimulus Payments, Child Tax Credit Has Expired


The federal aid or stimulus checks have already been the reason for inflation in the USA.

As the Americans enter the New Year 2022, there might be a slightly less possibility to get the same amount of stimulus checks that were given out by the IRS in the previous years.


The boosted unemployment benefits guaranteed paid sick leaves and the stimulus check package has expired and will no longer be available, Except some.

The last round of child tax credit round of stimulus payments went out earlier this December.

The federal aides, which are still available are student loan relief. They are set to resume on May 1.

 The second one is rental assistance, in which Congress authorized $47 billion for emergency rental assistance.

And the third one being, the health care subsidies which will still continue in the year 2022 order. to help people buy Affordable health supplies.

Although on the plus side, Omicron variance is not as harmful or contagious as the prevent variant of coronavirus.

Still, The Omicron variant is spreading at a really high rate, and so this new year starting does not look financially good for the people, Many restaurants have been shut down, flights have been canceled and shows, matches have been called off, and the unemployment rate in America has been fallen down to 4.2% in November.

So, there are still chances of this possibility that lawmakers might still roll out the stimulus package is in a little scaled-down version, that would help the Americans in these upcoming hard times.

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