Fed wiretapping violates article 4 of the Constitution


The Biden administration recently announced its latest plan to expand the reach of Americans by creating a state economic policy and allowing all consumer banks in the United States to extend federal law enforcement coverage to the bank accounts of every family in the United States.

“The prudent, unconstitutional, and socialist proposal requires banks to record every single transaction of every citizen on a $ 10,000 annual transaction report, and hardworking Americans keep their hard-earned savings under their bedroom mattresses when they have no money. The tax and expense liberals who spy on greedy eyes and hands and now control Washington DC.

This kind of proposal violates the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a government created by our Founding Fathers in the form of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect us from uncontrolled governments trying to hack into almost every American’s bank account. The Fourth Amendment embodies our right to protection from unjustified searches – “People have the right to protection from searches and seizure of their faces, houses, documents and belongings.”

In 1976, the US was misled by the Supreme Court. v Miller, 425 US 435 found that the person was not interested in the Fourth Amendment to Bank Personal Financial Documents.

For several years, Congress reacted to the misrepresentation of Fourth Amendment protection by introducing legal protections under the Financial Privacy Act (12 USC 340 et seq.) Before banks issued personal financial statements. Any bank will fundamentally change protection.

Instead of banks struggling to disclose personal financial information without going into conflict with individuals, banks now have the right to disclose all personal financial information to governments. Any bank will become the de facto weapon of the government.