Fear Street Cast: Where We Have You Seen These People?

Fear Street

Fear Street has already released its first part from its movie trilogy on 2 July 2021. The long-awaited Netflix movie that was planned to release in 2020 but delayed due to the global pandemic is finally here. Nevertheless, Fear Street is finally here and fans are already excited for the second part. Here is something the audience wants to know i.e. Fear Street Cast.

After watching the first movie partly on Netflix, many viewers are wondering about the star cast that is playing the role of their respective character in the story. 

Initially, the movie was planned to release in 2015 and the announcements were made by the Officials too. But things happened that made the creators change their minds. 

Netflix has also released the first trailer of this teen horror fiction drama and the fans couldn’t be more excited. The Official trailer already crossed 5 Million plus views on youtube. But what attracts the watchers more is the suspense that was created by the first episode to them. As the Fear Street Part One: 1989 is already finished, making the audience wait for another season.

Till then, here is what you need to know before season 2. In this article, we’ll be going to a brief account of all the cast and their characters of the movie trilogy in detail. 

Heather Watkins (Maya Hawke)

fear street cast

Coming to the first character of the movie trilogy, Heather, who is already a big fan of horror fiction and is seen reading and watching horror shows during her free time. She works under B.Dalton’s Shadyside mall and will be seen mostly there. 

The character of Heather is played by Maya Hawke, who is a well-known star of the Netflix series after the series Stranger things got famous worldwide. You have seen her as Robin Buckly in Stranger things. The new emerging star of Hollywood has successfully played her role in the Fear street movie. 

Josh Johnson (Benjamin Flores)

fear street cast

Coming to the next character, Josh Johnson. If you have watched the series then you would have already guessed his charger. He is Deena’s younger brother, but hold on! He is more than just being Deena’s brother. Josh is really an intelligent guy who is blessed with tech-related things. You can match his nerdiness with the guy in your class, yeah! We all have that one! 

He started to research Shadyside’s dark past and with his immense knowledge, he somewhere got many things right in the show. 

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Deena Johnson (Kiana Madeira)

deena fear street

She is the big sister of Josh Johnson and also a member of Shadyside’s high school band. Her character is more like a person who doesn’t fit in the town and you’ll see her as more different than the other character. 

Our girl has recently had a breakup and on the other hand, her alcoholic father is making her life more painful than ever. Her fate gets worse throughout the show and there will be a point where you want to go and hug her because why not! But still, her luck isn’t the constant friend of her life in the show. If you are a big Netflix fan then you have already seen her in the popular series, Trinkets. She has played the role of Moe Trauax in the series. 

C. Berman (Gillian Jacobs)

fear street

She is the survivor of the 1978 holocaust and played an important role in the first part of the trilogy. In the story, she was one of the people who were sent to Camp Nightwing Massacre and while this all may sound interesting to every other person, it is traumatizing to her. 

Berman never really answers the question that anyone asks with her regarding the issue. She considered all these things as a nightmare. 

Gillian Jacons has amazingly played her role as a C. Berman stands out amazing. You may also know her in the popular show, Invincible. Not only this, but she has also played the role of Britia Perry in the Community. 

Simon Kalivoda (Fred Hechinger)

Simon played the main role in the first part of Fear Street Part one: 1989. He has played the central character and the best friend of Kate. Being the main character, you can expect him to have some heroic personality like loyalty for his friend, jolly-nature, and hardworking for his career. Fred Hechinger has done great work in the Simon, portraying what it looks like in the books. 

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Sheriff Nick Goode (Ashley Zukerman)

In the starting, we have seen his character to be a strict Sheriff. Regarding the Shadyside’s thing, he never really opens and wants the people to ignore it, But after the people of the town started to mock him, he ultimately took the interest to find out what is exactly going on the Shadyside. 

Ryan Torres (David W. Thompson)

ryan torres fear street

He is one of the colleagues of Maya and a fellow worker in Shadyside’s Mall. he always seems to have fun and sometimes also pulls pranks within the Mall. While his colleagues love his jolly behavior, sometimes they find it annoying too. He shares a great bond with Heather in the story and considers her as the most trusted and dearest friend. 

If you are wondering about the actor then you have seen her in the popular superhero series, the Boys. David W. Thompson played Ryan Torres. 

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