Fauci concedes he should have been’more careful’ with pandemic message

In a new interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci confessed that he should have been “far more careful” in his early messaging about the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing “the uncertainty” at the time.

During a speech at the University of Southern California on Wednesday, the retiring director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was asked if there was anything he would have done differently during the pandemic.

“You know, Dan, the answer is yes. No one is flawless, I mean, come on. “Certainly not,” the White House’s main medical adviser responded, according to The Hill.

“I definitely should have tried to be much, much more diligent in getting the word to reiterate — the unpredictability of what we’re going through,” Fauci said of his early months.

“When I said, ‘At this specific time, we should not necessarily do anything different,’ it was when there were, like, five instances in the country,” the country’s top infectious diseases specialist explained.

Fauci remembered how he had recommended that lifestyle modifications were not required when there were few cases but added the caveat that situations could “change suddenly and we need to be prepared.”

“But then I said — I joke about it — ‘However, this might change quickly and we need to be prepared,'” he added.

He bemoaned the fact that the only comments “thrown back” at him in the early days of the outbreak were his recommendation that nothing change.

“Well, that was, in fact, correct. But if you wanted to say — if we had known then that this virus was spreading in ways that were not completely comprehended, and any of us would have said, ‘Hey, you know, we’ve had five instances in the country,’ We must shut down.’ “People would have thought we were insane,” Fauci added.

Fauci also decried the media’s ability to misinterpret messages and “create trouble by taking off a few words.”

“You must exercise extreme caution. “It’s very terrible that that’s the society we live in because it’s a collection of sound bites that sometimes get cut in half and misread,” he remarked.

Fauci stated last month that the federal government “bungled” a portion of its management of COVID-19 and blamed politics for interfering with a coordinated national response to the virus.

He believes the government should have used commercial testing and advised mask use sooner in the pandemic.

The change in mask guidance occurred when scientists realized that the virus was being transferred primarily through the air by asymptomatic people.

“We had no idea masks operated outside of the hospital.” There was allegedly a scarcity of excellent masks for personnel caring for persons,” Fauci told Evan Smith, CEO of the Texas Tribune.

The senior immunologist has denied charges from Republican members that he abused his power or misled during the pandemic, and has stated that he will have “nothing to hide” if Republicans retake the House in the midterm elections.

When asked if he would participate in such a probe on Wednesday, Fauci responded, “Of course, I have no problem.” I am a firm believer in oversight and have testified in front of Congress hundreds of times.”

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