Fatal Highway Gang Shooting in Miami related to Rapper Kodak Beef with Jack boy

Miami, FL: Investigators disclosed that a conflict between Kodak Black and Jackboy escalated onto a Miami highway in 2023, resulting in six women being shot, with one fatality due to gang members mistakenly targeting the incorrect vehicle.

As per the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, gang members utilized rifles with armor-piercing rounds to shoot the six women, resulting in the death of one woman. Thirteen individuals have been taken into custody in relation to the shooting incident.

Sheriff Dennis Lemma of Seminole County stated that the individuals believed they were firing at Jackboy’s group following a concert the rapper held on Jan. 16, 2023. Jackboy had already departed the show and was in an SUV in front of the vehicle that was hit.

Authorities have confirmed that there is no evidence connecting Kodak to the crime, and he is not currently facing any charges. The woman who passed away was identified as Princess Tolliver and worked as a civilian employee at the Florida State University Police Department.

Eleven out of the 13 individuals detained belong to the OTF (On Top Forever) street gang, with an inquiry launched against them resulting in over 120 search warrants. Authorities started apprehending individuals on February 23, and all suspects are deemed as “incredibly dangerous” with a long history of criminal activity.